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Impact of 2014 Policy Change Examined for Pediatric Kidney Transplants

Racial/ethnic disparities in time from dialysis initiation to transplantation mitigated by 2014 Kidney Allocation System

Doctors Report That Kidney Grown in Pig Worked in a Human

Kidney came from pig genetically engineered to grow an organ with a low risk for being rejected by the human body

Studies Evaluate Accuracy of eGFR Equations That Omit Race

Two studies describe strategies for estimating glomerular filtration rate without the use of race in the equations

Removing Race Term From CKD-EPI Could Worsen Cancer Care for Blacks

Removing race from CKD-EPI will calculate lower eGFR for Black patients and exclude more from receiving chemo

Vitamin D Does Not Impact Kidney Outcomes in Prediabetes

Secondary analysis of randomized trial shows no difference in progression of KDIGO risk scores with daily vitamin D versus placebo

Nephrology Referrals ID Many Patients at Low Risk for Progression

Potential referral volume could be reduced if referral was restricted to patients with predicted risk ≥1 percent in addition to laboratory criteria

Roxadustat Treats Anemia in Non-Dialysis-Dependent CKD

Pooled data show roxadustat versus placebo increases hemoglobin levels with an acceptable profile for cardiovascular safety

High BMI Variability, Adverse Outcomes Linked in Predialysis CKD

Variabilities in metabolic syndrome components linked to prognosis, with worse prognosis for more components with high variability

Metabolic Syndrome May Worsen Outcomes in Chronic Kidney Disease

Glucose and lipid components appear to be main drivers for increased risk for all-cause mortality, cardiovascular events

Pharmacomechanical Thrombolysis for Acute DVT Tied to Kidney Injury

Bilateral deep vein thrombosis, single-session treatment, and female sex tied to greater risk