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Machine Perfusion of Kidneys Protects Against Delayed Graft Function

Outcomes after transplant better with machine perfusion, combination therapy than with therapeutic hypothermia among brain-dead kidney donors

Model With Lifestyle, Health Behavior Information Predicts CKD

Model can predict chronic kidney disease for individuals with and those without baseline estimated glomerular filtration rate measure

Cystatin C-Based Equation Accurate for Estimating Glomerular Filtration Rate

Accuracy of eGFR was improved by the arithmetic mean of the EKFC eGFRcr and EKFC eGFRcys versus estimates for either biomarker alone

Higher Seafood n-3 PUFA Levels Tied to Lower Risk for Incident CKD

Participants with total seafood n-3 PUFA level in highest versus lowest fifth had 13 percent lower risk for incident chronic kidney disease

High Cardiorespiratory Fitness Linked to Lower Risk for CKD

Association could be underestimated when using only a single baseline measure of cardiorespiratory fitness

Layered Approach Recommended for Patients With Diabetes, CKD

Layered approach involves initially combining lifestyle interventions, self-management, and first-line pharmacotherapy

Reduced eGFR Linked to Increased Mortality in A-Fib

Moderately-to-severely decreased eGFR had significant effect on all-cause mortality specifically in those with low socioeconomic status

Renal Impairment Linked to Worse Prognosis in IgD Multiple Myeloma

Median survival significantly shorter for patients with renal impairment versus those with no renal impairment

Decision Aid Improves Decision Quality for Seniors With CKD

DART improves decisional quality at three and six months; results decrease thereafter

CKD Linked to Greater Neuromuscular Fatigability

Only peak force fatigability, but not peak rate of force development, contributed to fatigue variance