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For Hispanic patients with chronic kidney disease

Poor Experience With PCP Linked to Hospitalization in CKD

Risk of hospitalization up for Hispanic patients with lower scores on Ambulatory Care Experiences Survey
For young adults receiving kidney replacement therapy

Well-Being of Young Adults on Kidney Replacement Tx Studied

Well-being and medication adherence negatively linked to psychological morbidity, dialysis
The job market for new nephrologists is continuing to improve

Job Market for Nephrologists Continuing to Improve

Despite lifestyle concerns, most fellows would recommend nephrology to med students, residents
Detection of arteriovenous fistula (AVF) blood flow

Ultrasound Can Predict Success of AV Fistula for Hemodialysis

Blood flow, diameter, and depth predict unassisted, overall maturation
For patients with early-stage septic shock and severe acute kidney injury

Renal-Replacement Timing Has No Effect in Kidney Injury, Sepsis

For patients with sepsis with severe acute kidney injury, no difference between early, delayed strategy
Kidney transplant patients who are preemptively wait-listed have substantially fewer years of pretransplant dialysis than transplant recipients listed after dialysis onset

Less Pre-Kidney Transplant Dialysis With Preemptive Waitlist

Preemptively listed recipients have about four fewer years of pretransplant dialysis
For patients with type 2 diabetes and acute coronary syndrome

Lixisenatide Cuts Kidney Damage in T2DM and Coronary Syndrome

Lixisenatide reduces progression of urinary albumin-creatinine ratio in patients with macroalbuminuria
High circulating levels of an inflammatory marker

Inflammatory Marker Tied to Decline in Kidney Function

Soluble tumor necrosis factor receptor-1 tied to decline in multiethnic cohort

September 2018 Briefing – Nephrology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Nephrology for September 2018. This roundup includes the latest...
Proton pump inhibitor use is associated with increased risk of hip fracture among dialysis patients

Proton Pump Inhibitor Use Tied to Hip Fracture in Dialysis Patients

Correlation between PPI and hip fracture persisted for subgroups with low, medium, high PPI use