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Patients with end-stage kidney disease who undergo dialysis at for-profit institutions are less likely to receive a kidney transplant

Likelihood of Transplant Lower at Profit-Driven Dialysis Facilities

More research needed to understand the mechanisms behind difference in transplant access
A class of diabetes drugs

SGLT2 Inhibitors Protect Against Kidney Disease in T2DM

Reduction seen for risk of dialysis, transplantation, or death due to kidney disease
A glycated hemoglobin target value of <6.5 percent does not offer additional protection against organ complications for patients with type 1 diabetes compared with a target of 6.5 to 6.9 percent

Aggressive Lowering of HbA1c in T1DM Does Not Reduce Eye, Kidney Disease

Sweden's lower HbA1c target values not linked to further organ protection
Receipt of prescription opioids is associated with an increased risk for death and hospitalization

eGFR Affects Risk for Opioid-Related Death, Hospitalization

Relative risk for death associated with opioids higher at lower estimated glomerular filtration rate

September 2019 Briefing – Nephrology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Nephrology for September 2019. This roundup includes the latest...
Disparities persist in preemptive kidney transplantation

Preemptive Kidney Transplants Up After KAS Implementation

However, disparities persist, with recipients more likely to be white, female, have private insurance
A healthy dietary pattern is associated with a reduced incidence of chronic kidney disease and albuminuria

Healthy Dietary Patterns Linked to Lower Incidence of CKD

Reduction seen in incidence of chronic kidney disease, albuminuria; no significant link found for drop in GFR
In a synopsis of the 2018 Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes clinical practice guideline

Guideline Updated for Prevention, Management of Hep C in CKD

32 key recommendations focus on prevention, diagnosis, treatment, management of hepatitis C virus
Kidney donation is associated with an increased risk for hypertension

Kidney Donation Linked to Increased Hypertension Risk

Mean eGFR increased for Caucasian and African-American kidney donors, plateaued after incident HTN
Treatment with metformin versus sulfonylureas is associated with a reduced risk for major adverse cardiovascular events among patients with type 2 diabetes and reduced kidney function

CV Risk Lower With Metformin in T2DM + Reduced Kidney Function

Risk for major adverse cardiovascular events reduced with metformin compared with a sulfonylurea