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Digital App Cuts Meds Discrepancies in Outpatients With CKD

Patients in eKidneyCare group had fewer total medication discrepancies and a reduction in severity of discrepancies

2021 KDIGO Guideline Lowers Target Systolic BP for Adults With CKD

69.5 percent of adults with CKD eligible for BP lowering according to 2021 KDIGO guideline versus 49.8 percent with 2012 guideline

Early Immunologic Biomarker Predicts Renal Allograft Outcomes

Ratio of IL-10/TNF╬▒ produced by T1B three months after renal transplantation predicts clinical, subclinical rejection during first year

Decline in Kidney Function Faster After COVID-19-Related AKI

Among patients who have in-hospital acute kidney injury, those with AKI tied to COVID-19 have faster rate of decrease in eGFR after discharge

Physical Activity May Improve Cardiorenal Outcomes in CKD

High physical activity level (7.5 to <15 MET hours/week) linked to lower risks for all-cause mortality, ESRD, MACE

Adding Measures of Kidney Function Helps Predict CVD Risk

Adding eGFR, urinary albumin-to-creatinine ratio increases C statistic for risk prediction in overall population, those with diabetes

Terlipressin Bests Placebo in Type 1 Hepatorenal Syndrome

Terlipressin is more effective for reversal of HRS but is associated with more adverse events and death due to respiratory disorders

Transplant Beneficial for Kidney Failure in Sickle Cell

Patients with kidney failure associated with sickle cell disease are less likely to receive a transplant despite similar reduction in mortality

Time From eGFR Wait-List Threshold to ESKD Shorter in Blacks

Registering Blacks on transplant wait list at eGFR of 24 to 25 mL/min/1.73 m2 could improve racial equity in wait time prior to ESKD onset

Mortality Lower for Veterans Receiving Posttransplant Care in VA

Mortality significantly higher for patients receiving care after kidney transplant in Medicare only, dual care