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Race-Free Creatinine Equation May Cut Disparity in Kidney Wait Time

Racial disparities in preemptive wait time accrual may be reduced with use of the 2021 creatinine-based CKD-EPI equation

CKD Risk Up for Metabolically Healthy Overweight, Obese People

Risk for chronic kidney disease progressively higher in overweight and obese versus normal-weight metabolically healthy individuals

Intervention Cuts Risk for AKI After Coronary Angiography

Reduced incidence of AKI seen in association with multifaceted intervention, including clinical decision support, audit, feedback

Outcomes of Living, Unrelated Donor Kidney Transplants in Children Examined

Graft survival comparable for living unrelated donor, living related donor kidney recipients

Kidney Function Lower in Middle-Aged Women Than Men

But rate of decline in kidney function with aging faster for men than women

Patient Preferences for Choices in Kidney Transplant Examined

Average patient would accept kidney today with 6.5 years of expected graft survival to avoid two years of extra wait time for better kidney

Real-World Data Links Rosuvastatin to Adverse Effects on Kidneys

Greater risks for hematuria, proteinuria seen with higher rosuvastatin dose

Comorbidities Up Among Patients With ESRD, Concomitant Psoriasis

Patients with end-stage renal disease and psoriasis are younger, more often obese, and more often have cancer, diabetes, CAD

Impact of Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy on Kidney Function Examined

Gender-affirming hormone therapy associated with increased serum creatinine in transgender men, but not transgender women

Women Face Lower Odds of Diagnosis, Appropriate Management of CKD

Disparities persist even among women at high risk and among those with guideline-recommended indications