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Clinicians who provide emergency-only hemodialysis to undocumented immigrants experience moral distress and professional burnout

Moral Distress for Docs Providing Emergency-Only Hemodialysis

Docs describe burnout and emotional exhaustion; moral distress at seeing suffering and injustice
Acute kidney injury is independently associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular events

Acute Kidney Injury in Hospital Ups Risk of Later Heart Failure

Findings based on one-year follow-up after a hospitalization complicated by acute kidney injury
For pediatric patients undergoing cardiac surgery

Early Post-Op APAP Exposure May Cut AKI Risk in Peds Cardiac Sx

Early acetaminophen exposure after pediatric cardiac surgery may reduce rate of acute kidney injury
Sofosbuvir-based treatment appears to guarantee renal safety for patients with chronic hepatitis C virus over one year of follow-up

Sofosbuvir Improves Renal Safety in Patients With Chronic Hep C

Patients with mild, moderate renal impairment showed improvement in renal biomarkers over one year
Older adults with non-dialysis-dependent chronic kidney disease have a diverse midstream voided urine microbiome

Midstream Urine Microbiome Diverse in Seniors With CKD

After adjustment for demographics and diabetes status, microbiome diversity linked to estimated GFR
Gestational diabetes mellitus may be an early indicator of subsequent subclinical renal dysfunction

Gestational Diabetes May Indicate Future Subclinical Renal Issues

Women who had gestational diabetes more likely to show increased eGFR levels many years postpartum
Coaching to increase water intake does not significantly slow the decline in kidney function among adults with chronic kidney disease

Coaching to Up H2O Intake Does Not Slow eGFR Decline in CKD

No significant slowing in kidney function decline after one year for adults with chronic kidney disease
Reduced kidney function

Cystatin C Tied to Cumulative Hearing Impairment

Cystatin C as biomarker, kidney function marker linked to 20-year cumulative incidence of HI
Sleep duration is associated with health-related quality of life among patients with chronic kidney disease

Sleep Duration Linked to Health-Related QoL in Kidney Disease

7-hour sleepers have highest health-related quality of life; lower QoL seen with shorter, longer sleep

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