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Medicare Could Have Saved $3.6 Billion on Generic Drugs in 2020

Authors say Medicare could have saved up to $3.6 billion by purchasing generics at Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company prices

Medicaid Expansion Buffered Health Coverage Loss During Pandemic

Workers who lived in Medicaid expansion states were 5.4 percent more likely to enroll in Medicaid after job loss during pandemic

Disparities in Life Expectancy by Race, Ethnicity, County Persist

In the U.S., increases in life expectancy were seen for Black, API, Latino, White populations, but no change seen for AIAN

Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy Can Help Assess Psoriasis Severity

Mexameter erythema readings are a good representation of skin oxygenated hemoglobin, but not deoxygenated hemoglobin

Global Seroprevalence of Tickborne Lyme Disease About 14.5 Percent

Factors associated with Bb seropositivity include male sex, age ≥50 years, residence in rural areas, suffering tick bites

FDA Approves First Pill to Treat Severe Alopecia Areata

Olumiant is the first FDA-approved alopecia therapy that treats the entire body rather than a specific spot

Hospital Interns Spend Only 13.4 Percent of Time in Patient Rooms

Real-time locating systems may be used to improve the training experience, authors say

Higher Fish Intake May Increase Melanoma Risk

Higher total fish intake, tuna intake, nonfried fish intake positively linked to risks of malignant melanoma, melanoma in situ

Half of Hospitals Have Implemented No Price Transparency

Only 5.7 percent of hospitals meet both requirements -- a machine-readable file for required price types and an accessible display for at least 300 shoppable items

One in Nine May Get Delayed Large Local Reaction After Moderna Vaccine

Higher risk seen among women and among individuals aged 30 to 69 years