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Pooled Analysis Shows Men Have Higher Mortality Than Women

Effect size varies across countries; smoking and cardiovascular disease substantially attenuate effect size

One in Five Health Care Workers Reports Mental Health Conditions

Review shows high prevalence of depression, anxiety, and PTSD during the COVID-19 pandemic

Delayed Local Reactions to mRNA-1273 Vaccination Reported

Reactions appeared near injection site at a median onset of day 8 after first dose; six of 12 patients had no recurrence after second dose

Patients’ Mental Health Impacts Rating of Psoriasis Severity

Likelihood of a patient overestimating their psoriasis severity versus physician increased for those with depression, anxiety

Good Response Seen With Reopening

CMS figures show more than 206,000 people signed up for coverage from Feb. 15 to 28

Fecal Transplant May Counter Anti-PD-1 Resistance in Melanoma

FMT plus anti-PD-1 therapy may change gut microbiome and help overcome drug resistance in some patients with advanced melanoma

Prevalence Data Suggest Increasing Trend of Psoriasis With Age

Worldwide studies suggest stable or slightly decreasing trend in incidence of psoriasis and increasing trend in prevalence

Biomarker May Predict Treatment Outcome in Advanced Melanoma

Changes in plasma levels of ctDNA associated with survival outcomes in BRAF V600 mutation-positive unresectable or metastatic melanoma

Overall Pregnancy, Live Birth Outcomes Unchanged in Psoriasis

Of the births, 90.9 percent born full term, 9.1 percent born prematurely; few had neonatal problem or congenital anomaly