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The most common electronically sent and received types of patient health information include laboratory results and medication lists

Patient Health Information Often Shared Electronically

Most commonly observed types of PHI sent are referrals, laboratory results, medication lists
In 2016 the age-standardized prevalence of insufficient physical activity was 27.5 percent

Global Prevalence of Insufficient Activity 27.5 Percent

Levels of insufficient physical activity stable between 2001, 2016; increase seen in high-income countries
A lawsuit filed Tuesday in California claims that pharmaceutical company AbbVie used cash

California Lawsuit Claims AbbVie Paid Doctors to Prescribe Humira

Claims physicians prescribed Humira because of financial kickbacks, not as best drug for patient
Half of trials on the European Union Clinical Trials Register are non-compliant with the European Commission's requirement that all trials post results to the registry within 12 month of completion

Compliance With Requirement to Report Results on EUCTR Is Poor

Half of trials on European Union Clinical Trials Register are non-compliant with requirements
Prices for drugs under shortage increase more than twice as quickly as expected in the absence of a shortage

Drug Prices Increase More Than Expected After Shortages

Expected price increase 20 percent for all drugs after shortage versus 9 percent in absence of shortage
For patients with primary basal cell carcinoma

Review: Treatments for Primary Basal Cell Carcinoma Compared

Similarly low recurrence rates for excision, Mohs sx, curettage and diathermy, external-beam radiation
Use of medical scribes is associated with decreased physician documentation burden

Scribes Improve Physician Workflow, Patient Interaction

Scribes lower EHR documentation burden for doctors and increase time spent interacting with patients
Association health plans will provide small businesses with more choices

Association Health Plans Can Help Small Businesses Offer Coverage

But AHPs may undermine ACA marketplace, as they are not required to comply with ACA regulations
There are substantial disparities in the geographic distribution of dermatologists that are worsening with time

Geographic Disparities Seen in Distribution of Dermatologists

Dermatologists tend to be located in well-resourced, urban communities
How a situation is framed and the language used to describe risks can influence patients' decision-making

Situation Framing, Language Can Influence Decision-Making

Docs should provide risks of both having treatment and not having treatment to minimize loss aversion