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Normalized blood pressure is associated with an increased risk for all-cause mortality for older adults during hypertension treatment

Normalizing BP in Elderly With Hypertension May Up Mortality

Blood pressure values less than 140/90 mm Hg tied to increased mortality risk for octogenarians
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday approved a new generic version of the high blood pressure/heart failure drug valsartan

FDA Approves New Generic Valsartan to Ease Shortage

Certain lots of valsartan recalled due to contamination with trace amounts of nitrosamine
Oscillometric devices allow accurate office blood pressure measurement while reducing human errors associated with the auscultatory approach

Oscillometric Devices Offer More Accurate Way to Measure BP

Validated oscillometric devices may provide more accurate BP measurement in office setting
There is seasonal variation in achievement of the guideline targets for hemoglobin A1c

Achievement of Targets in T2DM Varies by Season

Achievement rates for all three targets and for HbA1c, BP, LDL-C are lowest in the winter
In sedentary overweight/obese older adults

Morning Exercise Linked to BP Reduction in Sedentary Seniors

Additional reduction seen in average systolic BP with combination of morning exercise and regular breaks
Treating systolic blood pressure to a goal of less than 120 mm Hg rather than 140 mm Hg does not result in a significant reduction in the risk for probable dementia

Intensive BP Treatment Does Not Reduce Dementia Risk

But drop seen in risk for MCI and combined rate of cognitive impairment, probable dementia
New blood pressure treatment recommendations may not improve survival from cardiovascular disease

New BP Treatment Cutoffs May Not Yield Survival Benefit

Survival benefit not seen with Stage 1 hypertension, only high-risk Stage 2 hypertension
An analysis of electronic health record data reveals considerable differences in hypertension control across health systems

EHR Data ID Differences in HTN Control Across Health Systems

Proportion of patients with uncontrolled blood pressure varies by health system and clinical site
There is no correlation between urate and blood pressure in mice or among patients with early Parkinson's disease

Urate Elevation in Potential Tx for Parkinson’s Not Tied to HTN

Phase II clinical trial results, mouse model study show no link between serum urate, changes in BP
Achieving and maintaining 2017 American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association blood pressure goals could prevent a greater number of cardiovascular disease events than achieving prior U.S. guideline goals

New BP Goals Could Prevent 3 Million CVD Events Over 10 Years

Maintaining ACC/AHA goals would result in fewer events than current BP levels, prior guideline goals