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Increase in BP at Night Ups Risk for Death in Diabetes Patients

Relative to those with dip in nighttime SBP, nondippers, reverse dippers have higher prevalence of cardiac autonomic neuropathy

Monitoring BP at Home More Acceptable to Adults

24-hour ambulatory BP monitoring least acceptable method; adherence to minimum number of readings up for home monitoring

Higher Flavonoid Intake May Lower Systolic Blood Pressure

Higher consumption of berries, red wine linked to lower SBP; association partly explained by microbial factors

Midodrine Cuts Recurrent Syncope in Young, Healthy Patients

Absolute risk reduced by 19 percentage points, with number needed to treat to prevent syncope of 5.3

Even Limited Breastfeeding May Lower Child Blood Pressure

No significant dose-response association seen for breastfed children according to duration or exclusivity of breastfeeding

Intensive BP Control After ICH May Be Risky for Some Patients

Intensive BP lowering after intracerebral hemorrhage linked to poorer outcomes in patients with decreased renal function

Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea Linked to Elevated BP in Teens

Dose-response correlation seen, with about twofold increased risk of elevated BP with apnea-hypopnea index of 5 or more

Certain Antihypertensive Agents May Aid Cognition in Elderly

Memory recall better for up to three years with blood-brain barrier-crossing renin-angiotensin drugs versus nonpenetrant counterparts

Stroke Risk Up for Offspring of Moms With HTN in Pregnancy

Link between maternal hypertension during pregnancy and ischemic heart disease in offspring did not persist in sibling analyses

Intensive BP Lowering Cuts Major Adverse CV Events, Mortality

But adverse effects, including hypotension, acute kidney injury, syncope, more frequent with intensive treatment in those at increased CV risk