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Exposure to ambient air pollution in the third trimester of pregnancy is associated with increased risk of elevated blood pressure among offspring

Maternal Exposure to Polluted Air Tied to Elevated Child BP

Overall, 1.61-fold increase in risk of elevated BP for children with highest versus lowest tertile of PM2.5
Hypertensive patients may lower their stroke risk with folic acid supplements

Folic Acid May Cut Stroke Risk in High-Risk Hypertensive Patients

Findings among patients with low platelet count, high homocysteine levels
Controlling high blood pressure in older African-Americans may prevent future dementia

Controlling High Blood Pressure Could Prevent Dementia

Findings based on use of commonly available antihypertensive meds in older African-Americans
After systolic blood pressure reaches 120 to 125 mm Hg

Systolic BP Increases at Rapid Rate Above 120 to 125 mm Hg

Trend is consistent whether the threshold blood pressure level is reached earlier or later in life
Compared with clinic blood-pressure measurement

Stronger Link With Mortality for Ambulatory Versus Clinic BP

Ambulatory BP is a stronger predictor of all-cause, cardiovascular mortality than clinic measures
Among patients with hypertension

Repeated BP Measures Linked to Drop in Initially Elevated BP

Repeated measurement of initially elevated blood pressure linked to 8 mm Hg reduction in systolic BP
For patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

No Reduced CVD Risk for SBP <120 mm Hg in Type 2 Diabetes

Increased risk of CVD for achieved systolic blood pressure of <120 versus <130 or <140 mm Hg
People would be more inclined to take tea or a pill than to exercise for hypertension

Adults More Inclined to Take Tea, Pill for Hypertension

Preferences indicate people would rather take daily pill or tea to prolong life rather than exercise
In healthy women

Preconception Blood Pressure Tied to Risk of Pregnancy Loss

Findings similar for early pregnancy blood pressure even among healthy women
Open-flame and/or high-temperature cooking are associated with increased risk of hypertension

Open-Flame/High-Temperature Cooking Ups Hypertension Risk

High frequency of open-flame/high-temp cooking, preference for higher meat doneness tied to HTN