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Use of billing and clinical data can help to identify undiagnosed hypertension

Tool Improves Identification of Undiagnosed Hypertension

Use of billing data alone shows that up to one in eight hypertension cases might be undiagnosed
Higher average late-life blood pressure is associated with an increased number of brain infarcts

Late-Life Blood Pressure Tied to Higher Number of Brain Infarcts

Odds of having one or more infarcts also increased with more rapidly declining SBP slope over time
Blacks have considerably increased risk for hypertension than whites through age 55 years

Blacks Have Elevated HTN Risk Through Age 55 Years

Regardless of BP levels in young adulthood, blacks have increased hypertension risk versus whites
Application of the new 2017 American Academy of Pediatrics guideline on classification of hypertension status results in a weighted net estimated increase of U.S. youths being reclassified as having hypertension compared with former guidelines

More Youth Classified With HTN Using New 2017 AAP Guidelines

Weighted net estimated increase of 795,000 U.S. youths being reclassified as having hypertension
Use of electronic health record tools in isolation improves medication reconciliation but does not improve systolic blood pressure among patients with hypertension

EHR Tools Improve Medication Reconciliation in Hypertension

However, systolic blood pressure did not differ in the EHR-plus-education group and usual care group
Incorporation of new pediatric hypertension definitions recently published in a clinical practice guideline has increased the prevalence of pediatric hypertension in a population of high-risk youth

Increase in Prevalence of Peds HTN With New Definitions

Incorporation of new pediatric definitions increased prevalence of hypertension in high-risk youth
User reviews and ratings of a popular

User Ratings Didn’t Catch Blood Pressure App Inaccuracies

Authors say findings support need for regulatory review of mobile health apps
A machine-learning algorithm can predict hypotension during surgery based on high-fidelity arterial pressure waveform analysis

Algorithm Predicts Very Low Blood Pressure During Surgery

Advance warning, even 10 to 15 minutes ahead, can reduce harm to patients
The risk of dementia is increased in 50-year-olds with blood pressure ≥130 mm Hg

Higher Blood Pressure at Mid-Life Increases Dementia Risk

Findings for those with systolic BP ≥130 mm Hg at age 50 years
Black and Hispanic patients are at higher risk for stroke recurrence than white patients

Disparities for Risk of Recurrent Hemorrhagic Stroke Unexplained

Higher risk of second hemorrhagic stroke in blacks, Hispanics, not fully explained by hypertension severity