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In a genome-wide association study

14 Novel Loci Identified for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

Genetic increase of 10 mm Hg in diastolic blood pressure likely has causal link with AAA
For adults without hypertension

Better Cardiovascular Health Linked to Lower Incident HTN

Each 1-point increase on the Life's Simple 7 score linked to 6 percent lower risk for incident HTN
Intensive blood pressure-lowering treatment in adults with hypertension is associated with a reduced likelihood of orthostatic hypotension

Intensive Therapy for HTN Tied to Drop in Orthostatic Hypotension

Meta-analysis of trials shows risk for OH reduced with intensive blood pressure treatment for hypertension
Blood pressure control decreased from a peak in 2013 to 2014

BP Control Down in the United States From 2013-2014 to 2017-2018

BP control, awareness, treatment down in adults aged 40 to 59 years from 2009-2012 to 2015-2018
Some health care professionals are not following current evidence-based guidelines to screen for and diagnose hypertension

Some Doctors Not Following Guidelines for Diagnosing HTN

Most providers rely on clinic BP measurements; almost all use clinic BP threshold of 140/90 mm Hg
Systolic orthostatic hypotension and variability in visit-to-visit seated systolic blood pressure postural change are associated with greater dementia risk

Feeling Dizzy Upon Standing May Point to Later Dementia

Dementia link seen only in people who have a drop in their systolic blood pressure
Higher blood pressure is connected to narrowing of retinal arterioles in young children

Blood Pressure, Retinal Vessel Diameters Connected in Children

Children with narrower central retinal arteriolar equivalent have higher systolic BP at follow-up
Younger people who are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes have higher weight and blood pressure than similarly aged people without diabetes

Weight, Blood Pressure Higher in Younger Patients With T2DM

Differentials for weight, BP for those with, without T2DM greater for younger versus older patients
Intensive blood pressure control can lower the risk for atrial fibrillation in patients with hypertension at high risk for cardiovascular disease

Intensive Blood Pressure Control Tied to Lower Atrial Fibrillation Risk

Lowering systolic BP to <120 mm Hg lowers risk by 26 percent
Large thigh circumference is associated with a lower risk for hypertension in overweight and obese individuals

Thigh Circumference Tied to Hypertension Risk

Larger thighs tied to lower risk for hypertension in overweight, obese Chinese population