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USPSTF Recommends BP Measurement Throughout Pregnancy

Grade B recommendation for hypertensive disorders of pregnancy screening applies to all asymptomatic pregnant persons

Postop White Matter Injury Rates Down Over Time for Neonates With Complex CHD

Prevalence of postoperative white matter injury has declined, correlating with increase in blood pressures after surgery

Restrictive, Liberal Fluid Strategies Yield Similar Outcomes for Sepsis-Induced Hypotension

All-cause death before discharge home by day 90 occurred in 14.0 percent of the restrictive fluid group and 14.9 percent in the liberal fluid group

Salt Restriction Does Not Lower Blood Pressure Variability

Findings show no difference between seven-day low- or high-salt diet

QI Program Reduces Disparities in BP Control Between Black, White Patients

Program reduced but did not eliminate disparities in blood pressure control

Alcohol Abstinence Aids Alcohol-Related Cirrhosis Across Portal Hypertension Stages

Findings seen even among patients who have already progressed to high-risk portal hypertension

Causal Effect Observed for Diastolic Blood Pressure on Neuroticism

No significant causal effects were identified for other blood pressure traits with psychological states

Meta-Analysis Shows Decrease in Dementia Risk With HTN Treatment

Lowering blood pressure with antihypertensive treatment may reduce risk for incident dementia in older adults with a history of hypertension

Small CV Impact Seen When Replacing Salt With Low-Sodium Salt Substitute

The small effects of LSSS versus regular salt on cardiovascular health in adults may be important when implemented at the population level

For Self-Measured BP, Smartphone App No Better Than Standard Device

SMBP paired with a connected smartphone app not superior to standard SMBP for BP reduction, patient satisfaction