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A culturally tailored

Skills-Based Intervention Did Not Cut Systolic BP After Stroke, TIA

But significant drop in systolic BP with culturally tailored program seen in Hispanic individuals
Intensive blood pressure therapy is associated with significantly lower risk for cardiovascular events when using data reweighted to better reflect the U.S. adult population with diabetes

Intensive BP Therapy in Diabetes May Lower Risk for CV Events

Findings based on data reweighted to reflect the adult population with diabetes in the U.S.
For black men and women

Southern Dietary Pattern Mediates Racial Difference in HTN

For both men and women, Southern dietary pattern is largest mediating factor for difference in HTN
Fourteen percent of older adults hospitalized with non-cardiac conditions are discharged with intensified antihypertensive treatment

HTN Tx Intensification Common Upon Discharge in U.S. Vets

Fourteen percent of older adults admitted to hospital for non-cardiac conditions had intensification of tx
A correct diagnosis of resistant hypertension is necessary to avoid overmedicating

AHA: Resistant Hypertension Diagnosis, Tx Guidelines Updated

Ruling out Rx non-compliance, white coat syndrome, and interfering medications necessary

Single, Fixed-Dose Combo Pills Improve Hypertension Outcomes

Findings show improved outcomes may be due to better medication adherence
In a Chinese adult population (ages 35 to 80 years)

Positive Link for BMI and Blood Pressure in Chinese Population

BP increase ranging from 0.8 to 1.7 mm Hg per unit BMI in patients not taking antihypertensive meds
One lot of high blood pressure medication is being recalled after a labeling mix-up

Label Mix-Up Spurs Recall of Accord Blood Pressure Meds

Bottle in one of the lots found to contain 100 tablets of spironolactone
Mean systolic blood pressure is increased with increasing sodium intake only in communities in the highest tertile of sodium intake

Sodium Intake, BP Linked in Communities With Highest Intake

Positive correlations only seen in communities in the highest tertile of sodium intake
Treatment with a pill combining low doses of three antihypertensive drugs results in an increased proportion of patients with mild-to-moderate hypertension achieving their target blood pressure

Triple Combo Blood Pressure Pill Can Improve BP Control

Proportion achieving target BP increased with use of triple combo pill versus usual care at six months