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Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy Tied to Systolic BP Changes

Within two to four months, increases, decreases in systolic BP seen in transmasculine, transfeminine adults, respectively

Tobacco Exposure Tied to Hypertension in Children

Findings based on study of more than 8,500 children ages 8 to 19 years

CVD Risk Factors Tied to Cognitive Impairment in Schizophrenia

Significantly greater global cognitive deficits seen in those with schizophrenia who had metabolic syndrome, diabetes, hypertension

Decline in Myocardial Function May Start Early in Blacks

Midwall fractional shortening trajectories differ by race from early age to young adulthood

Genetic Data Suggest Increases in BP May Cause A-Fib

Causal relationship of BP and a-fib did not change when SNPs associated with possible confounders were excluded

Postpartum BP Trajectory May Predict Persistent Hypertension

Findings seen among women with hypertensive disorders of pregnancy followed for up to 18 months

Lorlatinib Superior to Crizotinib for ALK-Positive NSCLC

Inhaled Treprostinil Beneficial in Pulmonary Hypertension

Exercise capacity improved, clinical worsening reduced for patients with pulmonary HTN due to interstitial lung disease

Review Confirms Interarm SBP Difference, Mortality Link

All-cause mortality risk increased with interarm systolic blood pressure difference magnitude from ≥5 mm Hg threshold

Guidelines Developed for Diabetes Management in CKD

eGFR Variability Linked to All-Cause Mortality Risk

No association seen for estimated glomerular filtration rate variability and cardiovascular disease events

La obesidad tiene un rol en las tasas más altas de cáncer de mama de las mujeres negras

Postpartum Trajectory Differs by Race After Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy

At six weeks postpartum, 68 percent of Black women and 51 percent of White women meet hypertension criteria