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Pain Management Skills Class Aids Those With Chronic Low Back Pain

Findings show noninferior outcomes at three months versus cognitive behavioral therapy

Pain, Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety Prevalent After MS Diagnosis

Most patients had co-occurring symptoms: 21.3, 19.1, and 17.4 percent had two, three, and four symptoms, respectively

Widespread Pain Tied to Dementia, Alzheimer Disease, Stroke

After adjustment for multiple variables, widespread pain appeared to increase subsequent risk

Acupuncture Alleviates Chronic Prostatitis, Pelvic Pain in Men

At 24-week follow-up, more patients experienced symptomatic relief with eight weeks of acupuncture sessions versus sham treatments

Physical Function Worse for Migraine, Overlapping Pain

Worse pain-related physical function, psychosocial functioning, increased health care utilization reported for chronic migraine with overlapping pain

Neck Pain With Migraine Not Necessarily Cervical Dysfunction

Of those with migraine, some with neck pain have normal cervical musculoskeletal function, others have cervical dysfunction


22.1 Percent of U.S. Adults With Chronic Pain Use Rx Opioids

Prescription opioid use highest for those aged 45 to 64 years; more likely among women, unemployed adults

Black Patients Receive Lower Doses of Opioids Than White Patients

However, prevalence of prescription opioid receipt was similar among Black and White patients within the same health care system

Nearly 60 Percent of Adults Report Pain in Past Three Months

39.0 percent reported back pain, 36.5 percent reported lower-limb pain, 30.7 percent reported upper-limb pain

Neck Symptoms Occur Relatively Frequently in MIS-C

28.5 percent of the identified MIS-C cases had neck-related symptoms; 38 of 39 had neck pain