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Structural features of kidneys from living donors may predict death-censored graft failure in recipients

Structural Traits of Living Donor Kidneys May Predict Graft Failure

Interstitial fibrosis/tubular atrophy, larger cortical nephron size, smaller medullary volume predict failure
For myelomeningocele

Prenatal Surgery Yields Lasting Benefits for Myelomeningocele

No difference found in overall adaptive behavior at school age; more children walk independently
Among nulliparous women with singleton pregnancies from low-income and middle-income countries

Low-Dose Aspirin Cuts Preterm Delivery in Nulliparous Women

Findings seen among women with singleton pregnancies in low-, middle-income countries
Treatment with intravenous vitamin C

High-Dose IV Vitamin C Does Not Speed Resolution of Septic Shock

Combination of vitamin C, hydrocortisone, thiamine not superior to usual care with hydrocortisone alone
A prehabilitation program is associated with shorter length of stay and lower total episode payment after surgery

Postoperative Length of Stay, Costs Down With Prehabilitation Program

Program includes walking and education on nutrition, smoking cessation, psychological preparation for surgery
Black patients undergoing lumbar spinal fusion surgery are more likely to have postoperative complications

Outcomes for Spinal Fusion Surgery Worse in Black Patients

Postop complications, readmission, longer stay, higher costs more likely compared with white patients
Older adult Medicare beneficiaries with untreated obstructive sleep apnea have increased health care utilization and costs

Health Care Utilization Up for Seniors With Untreated Apnea

Beneficiaries with OSA also demonstrate higher annual costs across all points of service
Potent prescription-strength topical corticosteroids without a prescription are readily available in many U.S. cities

Potent, Unregulated Steroid Creams Readily Available in U.S.

Potentially harmful, illegal topical steroids are being sold over the counter in foreign import stores
Patients with heart failure

Postdischarge Mortality Up for Patients With Heart Failure

Of conditions targeted by Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, only heart failure mortality increased
Sexual frequency is associated with age of natural menopause

Sexual Frequency Linked to Age of Onset of Natural Menopause

However, no correlation seen for living with male partner with age of natural menopause