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Mild Cognitive Impairment Underdiagnosed

Only 0.1 percent of clinicians and practices have diagnosis rates within the expected range

Risk for Autism Increased for Children Born to Those With Infertility

Increased risk for ASD seen for children born to individuals with subfertility, following OI or IUI, and after IVF or ICSI

Hippocampal Atrophy Linked to Cognitive Decline in Older Adults

Association was independent of Aβ and tau, and accounted for 10 percent of the variance in cognitive decline

Gantenerumab Does Not Slow Clinical Decline in Early Alzheimer Disease

Two trials show lower amyloid plaque burden with gantenerumab versus placebo at 116 weeks

Higher Neurofilament Light Chain Levels Seen Before MS Disability Worsening

Findings independent of clinical multiple sclerosis relapse

Experiencing Racism May Increase Stroke Risk in Black Women

Trend exists for both self-reported and definitively confirmed stroke incidence

Cardiac 18F-Dopamine PET Can Predict Lewy Body Diseases

All nine LBD+ participants had low 18F-dopamine-derived radioactivity before or at the time of diagnosis of central LBD

Neighborhood Disadvantage Tied to Higher Risk for Autism Diagnosis

Rates of autism diagnosis also higher for children of mothers from racial minority groups

AHA: Apixaban Beneficial for Patients With Subclinical A-Fib

Risk for stroke or systemic embolism lower with apixaban versus aspirin for patients with subclinical a-fib

Gender Life Expectancy Gap Increased From 2010 to 2021

Leading contributors to widening gender life expectancy gap from 2019 to 2021 included COVID-19, unintentional injuries