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Thrombectomy Linked to Better Outcomes for Acute Stroke, Large Infarct

Better functional outcomes and lower mortality seen for thrombectomy plus medical care versus medical care alone

Distal Symmetric Polyneuropathy Often Undiagnosed

Older age and metabolic syndrome were associated with DSP, while odds were lower for non-Hispanic Blacks

Early Neurodevelopmental Assessments Can ID Cerebral Palsy

Neurodevelopmental assessments at corrected age of 3 to 4 months can reliably predict cerebral palsy and its severity

Benefit of Thick Liquids in Alzheimer Disease and Dysphagia Unclear

Patients receiving thick versus thin liquids less likely to be intubated, more likely to have respiratory complications

Multifrequency Tympanometry Could Aid Diagnosis of Meniere Disease

Findings specifically for G width at 2 kHz

Preventable Premature Death Rates Higher in Nonmetropolitan Counties

Percentages of preventable premature deaths from five leading causes of death higher in rural counties in all years during 2010 to 2022

Persistent Health Differences Seen Between Females and Males

Higher burden of morbidity-related conditions observed in females and higher burden of COVID-19 and road injuries in males

Risk for Most Cardiovascular Diseases No Higher With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

CVD risk not increased in postmenopausal women with IBD, although risk for ischemic stroke may be elevated

Nonmotor Seizures Often Undiagnosed in the Emergency Department

Treatment gap is exacerbated in the adolescent versus adult population

Sleep Apnea, Low Oxygen in Sleep Linked to Late-Onset Epilepsy

Late midlife oxygen desaturation to less than 80 percent during sleep linked to development of LOE