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Medicaid Expansion Tied to Better Preconception Indicators

Pregnancy Outcomes Examined for Women With Multiple Sclerosis

Women with pregnancy after versus before MS diagnosis have fewer children, at older age, with increased odds of C-section

Cognitive Performance During Menopause Transition Examined

Longitudinal declines seen in measures of learning, memory, attention/working memory domains in low-income women of color

Preoperative Blood Transfusion Not Beneficial for Surgery in Neonates

Higher Hb Threshold for Transfusion Not Better for Preemies

Use of a higher hemoglobin threshold for transfusion in anemic preterm infants does not lower risk for death, neurodevelopmental impairment

B 1/13 -- New Insights Into How COVID-19 Damages the Brain

Link Between T. gondii Infection, Glioma Risk Examined

Significant increase in glioma risk seen for those with higher antibody titers to the sag-1 antigen

WHO: Remdesivir Not Advised for Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

Experimental Drug for Alzheimer Disease Shows Promise

After six to 12 months of treatment with the drug, patients no longer had amyloid protein plaques

Autism May Raise Risk for Substance Use Disorder

Risk for SUD lower for subgroups of individuals with ASD receiving one or multiple psychotropic agents

FUS Subthalamotomy Studied in Asymmetric Parkinson Disease

Motor features improved with focused ultrasound subthalamotomy on the side opposite main motor symptoms

La pandemia podría ser peor para la salud mental de las mujeres que para la de los hombres

One in Four Women With ADHD Attempts Suicide

Women with ADHD and childhood adversities and adults with substance dependence, depression particularly vulnerable

Allergic Reactions to COVID Vaccines Are Rare

Laws Promoting Flu Shot for Hospital Workers Can Cut Deaths

2.5 percent drop seen in monthly pneumonia, flu mortality rates with implementation of state laws requiring hospitals to offer flu shot

Review Confirms Interarm SBP Difference, Mortality Link

All-cause mortality risk increased with interarm systolic blood pressure difference magnitude from ≥5 mm Hg threshold