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Most Pivotal Trials of New Drugs Recruit From Low-, Middle-Income Countries

Percentage of participants recruited from low-, middle-income countries was 8, 36, and 17 percent for cancer, cardiovascular, neurology trials

Guidance Provided for Identifying, Managing CP in Primary Care

A patient- and family-centered care team should be established by engaging pediatricians with the family and specialists

More Than 12 Percent Develop De Novo Postpartum Hypertension

Risk for developing dn-PPHTN was increased for those aged 35 years or older, with caesarean delivery, for current or former smokers

FDA: Patients Should Be Cautious When Using Online Pharmacies to Buy Meds

Red flags include pharmacies that do not require a doctor's prescription or have a licensed pharmacist to answer questions

New Tool Can Predict Individual’s Dementia Risk

Risk score model yielded nearly 100 percent prediction accuracy of 13-year dementia risk

Sleep Dysregulation Ups Risk for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Short sleep duration and daytime napping associated with Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis

Manifestations of Vertigo Described in Pregnancy

Pregnancy can exacerbate certain conditions, including Meniere disease and benign paroxysmal positional vertigo

Stable Neurodevelopment Seen for Most Children With Familial High Risk for Schizophrenia

12.8 percent of children with familial high risk for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder transition to different neurocognitive subgroup

AHA: Consciousness, Awareness May Occur During Cardiac Arrest

Normal EEG consistent with consciousness emerged as long as 35 to 60 minutes into CPR despite marked cerebral ischemia

Impact of Climate Change on Neurologic Health Reviewed

Associations seen for temperature extremes and variability with stroke, migraines, hospitalization in dementia, MS exacerbations