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From 2017 to 2018

2017 to 2018 Saw Drop in Overdose Death Rates Involving Opioids

But rates involving synthetic opioids increased
Among people who inject drugs

Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms May Up Health Risks in Drug Injectors

Opioid withdrawal symptoms linked to higher risk for receptive syringe sharing, nonfatal overdose
Women who take less opioid pain medication in the 24-hour period before being discharged from the hospital after a cesarean delivery also use less opioid medication during the four weeks following discharge

Opioid Use Prior to Discharge After C-Section Tied to Later Use

Level of opioid use within 24 hours predischarge linked to level of use for four weeks postdischarge
A systemwide

Multipronged Postoperative Opioid Program Cuts Rx Length

Program includes mix of physician education, monitoring, and incentives to shorten Rx length for surgical patients
Emergency departments are increasingly seeing patients for repeat opioid-related care

Repeat ED Visits for Opioid-Related Emergencies on the Rise

Health information exchanges may enable more efficient care for patients seeking care in multiple EDs
Medication treatment with methadone and buprenorphine is associated with a significantly lower risk for overdose death for people with opioid use disorder compared with nonmedication treatment

Medication Treatment May Lower Risk for Opioid Overdose Death

But protective effect during care does not last after discontinuation of treatment for opioid use disorder
An ad campaign to inform people harmed by the prescription opioid OxyContin as to where they can file claims against maker Purdue Pharma was launched Monday by the company as part of bankruptcy proceedings.

Purdue Launches Ad Campaign for OxyContin Claims

The $23.8 million ad campaign has been approved by a bankruptcy judge
Adult dental patients are frequently overprescribed opioids

Adult Dental Patients Frequently Overprescribed Opioids

29 percent of prescribed opioids exceed recommended morphine equivalent for pain management
An enhanced recovery after surgery program complemented by a preemptive pain management program is associated with a decrease in opioid prescriptions at discharge following minimally invasive foregut surgery

Proactive Pain Management May Cut Postop Opioid Prescriptions

Program linked to opioid-free discharge following elective minimally invasive benign foregut surgery
A change in the law allowing pharmacists to dispense naloxone correlated with a large increase in the number of naloxone orders dispensed in Ohio

More Naloxone Orders Filled When Pharmacists Can Dispense

2,328 percent increase in naloxone orders found in Ohio Medicaid population after policy implementation