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Prenatal Opioid Exposure Not Tied to Neuropsychiatric Disorders in Offspring

Prenatal opioid exposure not linked to a clinically meaningful increase in risk for neuropsychiatric disorders

Pediatric Prescription-Opioid Overdose Visits to ED Increased in 2020

Uptick follows a decrease from 2008 to 2019 and may be pandemic-related, the authors say

Elimination of Extended-Release Opioids Can Improve Outcomes After TKR

Reduction seen in antiemetic use, nonsignificant reduction in length of stay, increase in proportion discharged to home

Prescription Opioids Linked to Increased Risk for Serious Fall Events

Findings seen among adults of all ages, especially those aged 85 years or older; risk highest in first 28 days after initiation

Opioid Exposure Linked to Increased Odds of Preterm Birth

In a recent study, each doubling of nonzero opioid MME was associated with a 4 percent increase in odds of preterm birth

Study IDs Risks to Offspring Associated With Prenatal Opioid Exposure

Prenatal opioid exposure linked to increased risk for infection, eczema and dermatitis, and asthma in offspring

Recent Reduction Seen in Opioid Prescribing by Surgeons

Decreasing trend seen in 81.6 percent of U.S. counties

2016 to 2020 Saw Rise in Against-Medical-Advice Discharges for Opioid Admissions

Authors say one explanation for the trend is untreated withdrawal with more severe opioid use disorder

Personalized Protocol Cuts Opioid Prescribing After C-Section

Personalized protocol for opioid prescriptions after C-section reduced total MMEs, without need for readmission, rescue opioids

FDA Approves DNA Cheek Swab Test to ID Patients at High Risk for Opioid...

In clinical trials, the test accurately assessed a raised risk for addiction 83 percent of the time