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Patients undergoing surgery assume opioids will be most effective for postoperative pain relief

ASA: Patients Assume Post-Op Opioids Are Best for Pain Relief

Ninety-four percent of patients who believe they will receive opioids think they will be effective
For patients undergoing cervical or lumbar spinal fusions

ASA: Review Links Opioids With Complications Post-Spine Surgery

Higher postoperative pain score, worse quality of life for post-op pain management with opioids
Receiving prescriptions from both the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Medicare Part D is associated with increased risk for overlapping of opioid and benzodiazepine prescriptions

Risk of Opioid-Benzodiazepine Overlap Up for Dual Prescribing

Increased risk for overlap, high-dose overlap for those with dual use of VA and Medicare drug benefits
A bipartisan bill to fight the opioid addiction crisis in the United States has been passed by Congress. President Donald Trump said he would sign the bill into law.

Congress Passes Bill to Fight Opioid Crisis

Comprehensive bipartisan package earmarks billions of dollars to fight opioid abuse in the United States
An "enhanced recovery after surgery" program is associated with a significant reduction in opioid consumption after gynecologic surgery with no increase in pain scores

Opioid Use Down With ‘Enhanced Recovery After Surgery’ Program

Opioid consumption drops for women undergoing gynecologic surgery, no increase in pain scores
Rates of opioid-related prescriptions and health care utilization are rising among seniors

Opioid-Related Hospital Use Up in Elderly Adults

In 2015-2016, nearly one in five adults ≥65 years filled at least one outpatient opioid prescription
In a rare bipartisan move

Opioid Bill Gets Bipartisan Support

Bill contains a mix of law enforcement and public health measures
Higher inpatient pain scores and postoperative opioid consumption are associated with persistent opioid use of up to six months among children and adolescents who have undergone cytoreductive surgery with hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy

Persistent Post-Op Opioid Use in Young Cancer Patients Explored

Higher inpatient pain scores linked to persistent use after major oncologic surgery for children, teens
States may be greatly underestimating the effect of opioid-related overdose deaths because of incomplete cause-of-death reporting

Opioid Deaths 1999 to 2015 May Be Dramatically Underestimated

Incomplete death certificates led to under-reporting of 70,000 likely opioid deaths
The Senate on Monday passed on a 99-1 vote legislation aimed at curbing the nation's ongoing opioid addiction crisis.

U.S. Senate Passes Opioids Bill

Comprehensive bipartisan package earmarks billions of dollars to fight opioid abuse in the United States