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2016 to 2019 Saw Drop in Patients Receiving Opioids, Benzodiazepines

Relative change from 2016 to 2019 varied from −52.0 percent in Mississippi to −6.9 percent in New Hampshire

Disparities in Filled Buprenorphine Rx Worse During Pandemic

At pandemic outset, significant decreases in buprenorphine prescription fills seen for Black, Hispanic patients, but not White patients

Drug overdose and substance abuse

Buprenorphine Underused for OUD, Particularly Polysubstance Use

Yet, study shows buprenorphine is effective in protecting against overdose in this population

Adolescents and Opioids

Mailed At-Home Disposal Kits Up Opioid Disposal Rates

Mailed kits are a potential low-cost, scalable solution, the authors say

U.S. Fentanyl Deaths Soaring

Opioid Mortality Rates Up for American Indian/Alaska Natives

1999 to 2019 saw increase in mortality rates for opioid-only and opioids in combination with other substances

Local Interventions Can Reduce Opioid Rx After Urologic Surgery

Direct Provider Feedback Cuts Emergency Department Opioid Rx Rates

Intervention includes personalized feedback to clinicians and an electronic dashboard for peer comparison

Opioid-Related Deaths on the Rise in Ontario, Canada

A shift in the age distribution of opioid-related mortality has occurred with the highest rates now observed in younger individuals

Local Interventions Can Reduce Opioid Rx After Urologic Surgery

A systematic review and meta-analysis show direct interventions have a greater impact on opioid prescribing than indirect interventions

2014 to 2019 Saw Decrease in Postoperative Opioid Use for Children

Rapid opioid deadoption identified beginning in late 2017; was first seen in teens followed by school- and preschool-aged children

Buprenorphine Prescribing for Medicaid Beneficiaries Down in 2020

Despite increases in units per prescription, the amount of buprenorphine dispensed to Medicaid beneficiaries decreased early in the pandemic