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Extended-Release Buprenorphine Not Necessarily Cost-Effective

Extended-release buprenorphine not cost-effective when transmucosal buprenorphine is available for treatment of OUD

Receipt of PT, Chiropractic Care Reportedly Low for Comorbid Chronic LBP, Opioid Use Disorder

Receipt of physical therapy and chiropractic care was low overall and lower across racial, ethnic minorities

Opioids Can Be Continued in Cancer Patients With Nonmedical Stimulant Use

Regardless of prognosis, panel deemed it appropriate to continue opioids, increase monitoring, and avoid opioid tapering

Opioid-Free Discharge Feasible After Pancreatectomy

In a recent study, there was an increase in the percentage of patients discharged opioid-free

Most People Initiating Opioid Rx Have Very Low Use Trajectory

Small proportion of people with sustained or increasing use were older, had more comorbidities, and used other analgesic drugs

Supreme Court Temporarily Blocks Oxycontin Maker’s Bankruptcy Deal

Court is asking the parties to show whether bankruptcy law allows for a blanket shield from all litigation by opioid victims

One in Five With Opioid Use Disorder Receive Medications

Medications for OUD more likely for those with severe versus mild past-year OUD, receiving substance use treatment via telehealth

FDA Approves Second OTC Naloxone Spray for Suspected Opioid Overdose

The American Medical Association applauded the approval to improve access to nonprescription naloxone as a way to curb the opioid epidemic

Oxycodone Does Not Increase Risk for Persistent Opioid Use After Delivery

No significant association seen overall or after cesarean delivery, but association was significant for vaginal delivery

New Opioid Rx Common, Harmful in Older Adults With Dementia

New prescription tied to 11-fold higher mortality in first 14 days versus no opioid use