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Adults who take prescription opioids for severe chronic pain are more likely to have increased anxiety

Use of Opioids + Cannabis Tied to Poorer Mental Health

Co-use associated with anxiety and depression symptoms compared with opioid use alone
A reduction in postoperative opioid prescription size was observed following release of evidence-based opioid prescribing guidelines in Michigan

Postoperative Opioid Rx Size Down After Guideline Release

No change seen in satisfaction or pain scores despite reductions in prescription size, opioid use
For children undergoing tonsillectomy

No Evidence for Benefits of Opioids After Pediatric Tonsillectomy

Perioperative opioid fills linked to risk of return visit for constipation but not pain, dehydration or hemorrhage
From 2012 to 2018

2012 to 2018 Saw Substantial Rise in Naloxone Dispensing

Regional variation in naloxone dispensing considerable; rates lowest in most rural counties
U.S. physicians prescribe opioids more frequently during patient hospitalizations and at discharge compared with physicians in other countries

U.S. Hospital Patients Receive More Opioids Versus Other Countries

Patients' perceptions of pain, pain medication may affect prescribing practices
Tighter rules on opioid painkiller prescriptions for U.S. government employees will be implemented in the fall

New Opioid Rx Rules Coming for U.S. Employees’ Health Plans

New Federal Employee Health Benefits Program rules are meant to prevent overprescribing
Since 2008

Opioid Prescribing, New Persistent Use Down After Childbirth

Strongest modifiable factor linked to new persistent use after delivery was filling Rx before delivery
Access to primary care may be reduced for patients taking prescription opioids

Taking Prescription Opioids Could Limit Primary Care Access

40 percent of primary care clinics won't take new patients using opioid painkillers, regardless of insurance type
Only one-fourth of U.S. plastic surgery residents report receiving opioid-prescriber education

Opioid Rx Education Insufficient for Plastic Surgery Trainees

Significantly more opioids prescribed by U.S. versus Canadian trainees for seven of eight procedures
The number of days supplied of an initial opioid prescription is the strongest risk factor for developing long-term opioid use among previously opioid-free injured workers

Supply of Opioids Predicts Long-Term Use in Injured Workers

Odds of long-term opioid use up with initial Rx for five- to nine-day supply versus supply of less than five days