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For patients with an admitting diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome and/or acute decompensated heart failure

Discharge Opioid Rx for Heart Dz Patients May Impact Follow-Up

Findings seen in patients with admitting diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome, decompensated heart failure
The opioid epidemic is driving a steep increase in infection-related stroke hospitalizations

ASA: Opioid Epidemic Tied to Infection-Related Stroke

Number of hospitalizations steady in 1993 to 2008, but increased significantly in 2008 to 2015
There is considerable race/ethnicity and income-level variation in the opioid epidemic

Racial/Ethnic, Income Variation ID’d in the Opioid Epidemic

Study, two research letters describe opioid prescribing trends and interactions with race, age
Certain opioids are less effective for postoperative pain in patients taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor antidepressants

Certain Opioids Less Effective With SSRI Antidepressants

Surgical patients on SSRIs + prodrug opioids had higher postsurgical pain 8 weeks postdischarge
Misuse of prescribed opioids is associated with other high-risk drug behaviors

Misuse of Rx Opioids Linked to Other High-Risk Behaviors

Prescribed opioid misuse strongly tied to other drug use disorders, illegal activity, psychological distress
Parents are conflicted about the use of prescribed opioids in children

Parents Conflicted About Opioid Use in Children

Most parents know about alternatives to opioids, but just over a third ask about them
States with above-median OxyContin misuse before reformulation of the drug experienced a 222 percent increase in hepatitis C infection rates after reformulation

Hepatitis C Infection Rates Up After OxyContin Reformulation

222 percent increase in HCV infection rates seen after reformulation in states with above-median misuse
Implementation of a novel enhanced recovery after surgery protocol can reduce patients' postoperative opioid requirements after elective spinal or peripheral nerve surgery

ERAS Protocol Can Cut Opioid Use After Spine Surgery

Decline seen in postoperative opioid requirements after elective spinal, peripheral nerve surgery
There is substantial variation across states in rates of long-term opioid therapy among patients with advanced osteoarthritis

Long-Term Opioid Use With OA Varies Across States

Variance not fully explained by differences in access to health care providers or patient characteristics
Opioids may be overprescribed to children after orthopedic surgery for supracondylar humerus fractures

After Elbow Surgery, Children May Be Overprescribed Opioids

Patients who had supracondylar humerus fracture sx used less than 25 percent of prescribed drugs