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FDA: Patients Should Be Cautious When Using Online Pharmacies to Buy Meds

Red flags include pharmacies that do not require a doctor's prescription or have a licensed pharmacist to answer questions

FDA Oversight of Clinical Trials Described as ‘Grossly Inadequate’

Article describes inadequate oversight relating to development of COVID-19 vaccines and predating the pandemic

Multidimensional Factors Shaped Physician Stress During Pandemic

Physicians' perceptions of occupational stress at individual level were shaped by stressors within and across four levels

1999 to 2018 Saw Increase in Barriers to Timely Medical Care

Increases seen for all race and ethnic groups, with slight increase in disparities between groups

Higher Work Hours Linked to Depressive Symptoms for Interns

Estimated change from baseline in the PHQ-9 score increased with increasing work hours

Manifestations of Hospitalization With Severe Monkeypox Described

47 of 57 patients had HIV infection; 95 percent were men and 68 percent were non-Hispanic Black

Medically Tailored Meals Could Avert Hospitalizations, Yield Savings

Implementation of MTMs could potentially avert 1.6 million hospitalizations, yield net savings of $13.6 billion per year

IDSA: Three-Dose Hepatitis B Vaccine Highly Protective in Persons With HIV

Seroprotection rate increased from 94.4 percent at eight weeks after second dose to 98.5 percent at week 24

Female Med Students Publish Less, Despite Higher Number of Research Experiences

Black, Hispanic students also have lower publication rates, particularly at non-top 40 schools

IDSA: Long-Term Follow-Up Reported for Early Initiation of ART in HIV

Excess risk for AIDS, serious non-AIDS conditions, death for those deferring treatment reduced soon after initiation of ART