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Higher push-up capacity is associated with a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease events among male firefighters

Higher Push-Up Capacity Linked to Lower Incidence of CVD Events

Significant negative association identified in male firefighters who were followed for 10 years
For adolescent athletes

Subsymptom Threshold Exercise Speeds Concussion Recovery

Aerobic exercise prescribed during first week after sport-related concussion speeds recovery in teens
People with a wide variety of chronic diseases are less physically active than individuals without chronic diseases

Physical Activity Down Across Chronic Disease Subgroups

Mental health disorders tied to lowest moderate activity; those with CVD have lowest vigorous activity
Few adolescents meet sleep

Few Teens Meet Sleep, Exercise, Screen-Time Guidelines

Odds of meeting all three recommendations vary by age, race/ethnicity, BMI, marijuana use
High levels of physical activity correlate with prevalent coronary artery calcification but are not linked to increased mortality

High Physical Activity Levels Tied to Coronary Artery Calcification

But no increased mortality risk with high physical activity levels, CAC of ≥100 Agatston units
Aerobic exercise contributes to brain health in individuals as young as 20 years

Aerobic Exercise Tied to Better Cognition at All Ages

Effect seen as young as 20 years, although the effect is greater with increasing age
Patients with end-stage kidney disease undergoing maintenance dialysis express a desire to exercise to regain energy and strength

Benefits, Barriers to Exercise Examined for Patients With ESKD

Patients undergoing dialysis would like to be able to exercise to improve energy, strength

Body Size, Physical Activity Could Impact Odds of Reaching 90

In women, height, BMI at age 68 to 70, and change in BMI impact odds of reaching longevity
Objectively assessed physical activity is associated with a protective relationship with major depressive disorder

Objectively Assessed Exercise Protective Against Depression

Objectively assessed, but not self-reported, physical activity protects against major depressive disorder
Physicians need to take an active role in prescribing specific exercise training in patients with both type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease

Doctors Should Encourage Exercise in Patients With Diabetes, CV Disease

Recommendations suggest doctors prescribe individualized exercise training for these patients