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Default Opt-Out of Cardiac Rehabilitation Increases Referrals

Redesign of decision pathways from opt-in to opt-out results in increase in referrals for cardiac rehabilitation

Greater Levels of Exercise May Protect Brain in Later Life

Greater levels of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity linked to more intact white matter integrity in late life, lower odds of lacunar infarcts

Exercise Key to Lowering Risk for Gestational Diabetes

However, authors say amount of exercise needed may be more than current recommendations

CVD Risk Lowest at Highest Level of Physical Activity

Risk for cardiovascular disease decreases as accelerometer-measured moderate, vigorous, and total physical activity levels increase

Maintaining Exercise During Pandemic Aids Prenatal Mental Health

Findings based on an online survey of more than 1,800 pregnant women

Fitness Apps, Trackers Boost Physical Activity

Among adults without chronic disease, apps and trackers may boost activity by 1,850 steps per day

Exercise Aids Bone Health After Bariatric Surgery

Greatest difference seen in bone mineral density measurements at the lumbar spine

Physical Activity Might Not Reduce Schizophrenia Risk

Contrary to current evidence, moderate/vigorous activity may increase risk

Menopause Symptoms Reduced With Higher Levels of Exercise After Cancer Tx

Findings seen for women previously treated with menopause-inducing cancer treatments

Targeted Efforts Do Not Alter Outcomes in Healthy Elderly

For seniors, vitamin D, omega-3 supplement, strength training, alone or in combination, do not improve clinical outcomes