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Clinically relevant aortic dilatation is common among aging endurance athletes

Long-Term Endurance Exercise Tied to Aortic Enlargement

One in five masters-level athletes show aortic dilatation, with higher rates seen among men
A physically active lifestyle is associated with a reduced risk for Parkinson disease

Active Lifestyle May Lower Risk for Parkinson Disease

Authors say finding may be explained by a motor reserve
Pediatricians should promote physical literacy and activity in children

AAP: Pediatricians Should Promote Physical Activity in Children

Doctors should ID opportunities for activity assessment, prescription among those facing barriers to activity
Despite benefits in quality of life

Regular Exercise Tied to Better Quality of Life in Cancer Survivors

Yet study shows few African-American cancer survivors meet recommended activity goals
Sedentary behavior throughout adolescence is associated with the risk for depressive symptoms at age 18 years

Sedentary Behavior, Activity Linked to Depression at Age 18

Depression scores at age 18 lower with every 60 minutes/day of light activity at ages 12, 14, 16 years
Longer screen viewing time among children aged 2 to 3 years is associated with less time engaged in physical activity and more sedentary time at age 5.5 years

Longer Screen Time at Age 2 to 3 Affects Movement Behaviors

Longer viewing time at age 2 to 3 linked to more sedentary time, less physical activity at age 5.5 years
More than 15 percent of American adults are physically inactive

CDC: Many Americans Are Inactive, With Southerners Faring Worse

Agency releases new estimates of physical inactivity across states and U.S. territories
A physically and mentally active lifestyle may protect against frontotemporal dementia even in people at established genetic risk

Active Lifestyle May Slow Familial Frontotemporal Dementia

Slower cognitive decline seen even in patients with genetic risk for familial frontotemporal dementia
Leisure-time physical activity at recommended levels is associated with a significantly lower risk for seven cancer types

Leisure-Time Physical Activity Linked to Lower Cancer Risk

Risk lower for seven types of cancer including colon, breast, kidney with recommended amounts of PA
For overweight men

Moderate Physical Activity Tied to Lower Fasting GLP-1 in Men

In men, glucose-stimulated GLP-1 responses were higher for every hour of moderate PA performed