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Morning Exercise Tied to Larger Cuts in Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Physical activity in the morning reduces risk for CVD, regardless of total activity level; findings more evident in women

Even Moderate Exercise Linked to Reduced Mortality After Breast Cancer

Breast cancer survivors who were active or moderately active had significantly reduced risk for death

Less Intense Physical Activity Seen Among Mothers With Young, Multiple Children

Findings based on study of 848 mothers who wore an accelerometer

Vigorous Physical Activity Linked to Lower Mortality

And, increasing intensity for a given amount of physical activity is associated with reduction in cardiovascular disease

Regular Aerobic Exercise May Improve Chronic Kidney Disease Outcomes

Improvements seen in estimated glomerular filtration rate, serum creatinine, 24-hour urine protein amount, and blood urea nitrogen

Exercise Intervention During Chemotherapy Beneficial

Intervention during chemo linked to lower decreases in VO2peak, health-related QoL, muscle strength immediately postchemotherapy

More Physical Activity, Less Sitting May Cut Breast Cancer Risk

Lifelong physical activity or sedentary time, assessed by genotype, may be associated with risk for breast cancer

Exercise Improves Brain Health in Overweight, Obese Youth

Positive effects seen on intelligence, academic performance, but functional brain changes not identified on MRI

Risk for Vaping Up for Physically Active High School Students

Those who are physically active two to three or four to five days/week have 11 and 23 percent higher risk for EVP use, respectively

Physical Function in Older Adults Linked to CV Event Risk

Low or intermediate score on Short Physical Performance Battery linked to increased risks for composite, individual CVD outcomes