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Preschool Intervention Can Achieve Sustained Lifestyle Changes

Achieving sustained changes requires multidisciplinary teams, multidimensional educational programs, multilevel interventions

USPSTF: Individualize Counseling for Primary Prevention of CVD

For adults without known CVD risk factors, individualize the decision to refer to behavioral counseling to promote healthy diet, physical activity

Regular Exercise Linked to Slower Deterioration in Parkinson Disease

Regular physical activity levels linked to slower deterioration of postural and gait stability, activities of daily living, processing speed

Sitting, Inactivity Increase Death Risk Among Cancer Survivors

Risk for both all-cause and cancer-specific death increased for cancer survivors with combination of prolonged sitting and inactivity

Interventions to Promote Physical Activity May Benefit Asthma Patients

Programs to increase physical activity may improve quality of life, but no effect seen on asthma control or asthma medication usage

Fewer Teens Meeting Physical Activity Recommendations During Pandemic

Significant disparities by race and socioeconomic status observed

Early Exercise Not Tied to Breast Augmentation Complications

Findings show similar scar quality and higher patient satisfaction and self-reported outcomes with exercise

High-Altitude Exercise May Up Hypoglycemia Risk With Type 1 Diabetes

Greater decline in blood glucose seen during and after exercise performed under acute hypoxia versus normoxia conditions

Physical Activity Linked to Reduced Dementia Risk in Seniors

Even low amount of light-intensity physical activity linked to reduced dementia risk compared with total sedentary behavior

Regular Physical Activity Can Help Cut Pneumonia Risk

The most physically active groups in the general population had lower risk for incident pneumonia and pneumonia-related mortality