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Healthy Lifestyle Does Not Entirely Offset Risks for Obesity

Decreased risk seen for cardiovascular disease, kidney failure, gout, sleep disorders, and mood disorders

Regular Physical Activity Tied to Higher Pain Tolerance

Furthermore, pain tolerance increases with higher activity levels, as well as for those who increase their activity over time

Vigorous Exercise Not Harmful With Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

No higher risk seen for death or life-threatening arrhythmias

Physical Activity Level Inversely Linked to Parkinson Disease in Women

Incidence of Parkinson disease decreased with increasing latent physical activity in cohort of women

Adherence to Healthy Lifestyle Cuts Breast Cancer Recurrence, Mortality

Significant reduction seen in disease recurrence and mortality for those with highest versus lowest lifestyle index scores

Increasing Physical Activity After Stroke Tied to Good Functional Outcomes at Six Months

For those with decreasing physical activity after stroke, trajectory increases trend toward inactivity

Healthy Eating, Physical Activity Low Among High School Students

Decrease seen in daily consumption of fruits, vegetables, breakfast and in several physical activity behaviors from 2019 to 2021

Physical Activity Interventions May Aid Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Review shows positive effects on cessation of substance use, aerobic capacity, depressive symptoms

Teen Sedentary Time Tied to Changes in Heart Structure

Higher amounts of physical activity tied to better heart function

Physical Activity May Prevent Colon Cancer Recurrence

Lower recurrence rate seen within the first year of treatment among those with higher physical activity