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Structured Program of Diet, Exercise Can Cut BP in Resistant HTN

Reduction in clinic systolic BP and reduction in 24-hour ambulatory systolic BP greater with Center-Based Lifestyle Intervention

Physical Activity May Up Coronary Artery Calcium Progression

Physical activity has numerous health benefits but may paradoxically increase CAC scores, development, and progression

Sedentary Time Ups Stroke Risk for Younger Adults With Low Activity

Stroke risk increased with sedentary time of at least eight hours a day for those younger than 60 years with low physical activity

High-Intensity Interval Training Beneficial in Prostate Cancer

PSA level, velocity, and prostate cancer cell growth reduced with HIIT in men with localized prostate cancer under active surveillance

Exercise Linked to Decrease in Deaths, Regardless of Air Pollution

In each PM2.5 stratum, moderate and high levels of exercise were associated with a reduced risk for death versus inactivity

Physical Activity Linked to Lower Mortality in Stroke Survivors

Dose-response relationship seen; most of the risk reduction occurred between 0 and 20 metabolic equivalent hours/week

More Activity, Less Sitting May Cut Risk for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Prospective cohort study shows more hours of physical activity, fewer hours sitting at work/away from home may lower risk for OSA

Movement Disorders May Affect Exercise in Patients With Psychosis

Parkinsonism linked to significantly decreased physical activity, increased sedentary behavior in patients with schizophrenia

Antidepressants May Work Better Than Exercise for Elderly Depression

Antidepressant therapy more effective than supervised physical activity at three and six months

Increasing Physical Activity After ICD Implantation May Cut Deaths

Risk for mortality reduced with increased physical activity, regardless of participation in cardiac rehabilitation