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More active alternatives to the car for travel are associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality

Less Driving Tied to Lower Cardiovascular Disease Risk

More active travel patterns linked to reduced risk of incident and fatal CVD, all-cause mortality
Physical activity modifies the association between the body mass index (BMI) genetic risk score and BMI

Exercise Modifies Predisposition to Obesity After Menopause

BMI genetic risk score-BMI link attenuated in 70+ age group
Increasing patients' physical activity is an effective strategy to lower future risk of heart failure

Starting Exercise Even in Older Age Cuts Heart Failure Risk

Benefit seen from approximately 30 minutes of brisk walking four times per week
An aerobic and strength exercise program does not slow cognitive impairment among people with mild-to-moderate dementia

Aerobic + Strength Exercise Doesn’t Slow Cognitive Decline

Moderate-to-high intensity exercise ups physical fitness but does not slow cognitive decline in dementia
Resistance exercise training is associated with reduced depressive symptoms among adults

Resistance Exercise May Reduce Depressive Symptoms in Adults

Meta-analysis shows reduction in depressive symptoms with RET, with considerable heterogeneity
Prepubertal children are metabolically comparable to adult endurance athletes

Preteens Metabolically Comparable to Trained Athletes

Prepubertal children have comparable metabolic, fatigue profiles to endurance athletes
There is a linear correlation for physical activity with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Linear Link for Physical Activity, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Linear correlations for ALS and PA in leisure time, occupational activities, all activities combined
Adherence to the American Cancer Society Nutrition and Physical Activity Guidelines for Cancer Survivors is associated with improved survival for patients with stage III colon cancer

Adherence to ACS Guidelines Linked to Survival in Colon Cancer

Lower risk of death, improved disease-free survival for ACS guideline score of 5 to 6 versus 0 to 1
Fitness and physical activity are tied to lower risk of incident cardiovascular disease in the general population and among individuals with elevated genetic risk for cardiovascular diseases

Exercise Best Defense for Those at Genetic Risk for CVD

Benefit of exercise against cardiovascular disease notable even among those at high genetic risk
Men on androgen-deprivation therapy for prostate cancer may significantly benefit from a group exercise and nutrition program

Group Exercise, Nutrition Aids Prostate Cancer Patients on ADT

Improvements seen in mobility, body fat, muscle strength in men on androgen-deprivation therapy