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Greater adherence to healthy eating patterns is consistently associated with lower risk of cardiovascular disease

Multiple Healthy Eating Patterns May Be Able to Lower CVD Risk

Findings seen for four different healthy eating patterns with 30+ years of follow-up

June 2020 Briefing – Cardiology

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Cardiology for June 2020. This roundup includes the latest...
Preterm delivery is associated with increased maternal risk for ischemic heart disease

Preterm Delivery May Up Maternal Risk for Ischemic Heart Disease

Association decreased over time but remained significantly elevated through 40+ years of follow-up
Inhibition of sclerostin with romosozumab may increase cardiovascular risk

Inhibition of Sclerostin May Increase Cardiovascular Risk

SOST genetic variants linked to lower risk for fracture and osteoporosis but higher risk for MI, major CV AEs
Sugar-sweetened beverage tax designs are expected to generate substantial health gains and cost savings

Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax Will Generate Health Gains

Volume tax would prevent 850,000 CVD and 269,000 diabetes cases, save $53.2 billion in net costs
Heart transplant patients admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 symptoms may be sicker than nontransplant patients

Heart Transplant Patients May Have Higher COVID-19 Mortality

However, presenting symptoms similar to those seen in the general population
Cardioprotective therapies

Cardioprotective Therapy Use Lower With Cancer History

Utilization rate of antiplatelet therapies and statins significantly lower for patients with cancer history
Outpatient azithromycin use is associated with an increased risk for cardiovascular and noncardiovascular mortality

CVD, Non-CVD Mortality Increased With Azithromycin Use

Cardiovascular death risk increased within five days of azithromycin exposure, but not at six to 10 days
Changes have been suggested for the newborn critical congenital heart disease screening algorithm

Changes Proposed for Newborn Congenital Heart Disease Screen

Oxygen saturation of at least 95 percent in both upper, lower extremities required to pass
Patients with type 2 diabetes who develop obstructive sleep apnea are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease and other diabetes-related complications

Sleep Apnea in Patients With T2DM Ups Risk for Comorbidities

Patients with T2DM and OSA diagnosis at higher risk for cardiovascular, microvascular complications