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Supplementation of Some Micronutrients May Improve CVD Outcomes

n-3 fatty acid supplementation may reduce CVD mortality, myocardial infarction, coronary heart disease events

Healthier Diets Cut ASCVD Risk by 10 Percent in Eight Weeks

Results similar for DASH or fruit and vegetable diets versus typical American diet

CVD Risk Increased for Adolescent, Young Adult Cancer Survivors

Odds are disproportionately increased with annual household income <$50,000; are reduced with performance of MVPA

Herpes Zoster Linked to Increased Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Events

Long-term risks for stroke and coronary heart disease increased for individuals with history of herpes zoster versus those with no history of herpes zoster

RSNA: New AI Algorithm Predicts 10-Year Cardiovascular Risk From Chest X-Ray

Performance similar to the standard atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease risk score

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No Significant Association Found for ADHD Meds, CVD Risk

Meta-analysis shows no significant associations for children, adolescents, or adults, for female patients, or for those with preexisting CVD

Lower Frequency of Adding Salt to Food Linked to Lower CVD Risk

Lowest CVD risk seen for those who combined a DASH-style diet with lowest frequency of adding salt to food

Higher Carotid Plaque Burden Seen With Persistent Asthma

Persistent asthma linked to carotid plaque, total plaque score, even after adjustment for baseline interleukin-6, CRP

Morning Exercise Tied to Larger Cuts in Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Physical activity in the morning reduces risk for CVD, regardless of total activity level; findings more evident in women