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Cardiac radiation dose exposure is a modifiable cardiac risk factor for major adverse cardiac events and all-cause mortality in patients with non-small cell lung cancer

Cardiac Radiation Dose in NSCLC Predicts Mortality, Cardiac AEs

In coronary heart disease-negative patients, mean heart dose associated with all-cause mortality
Persistently high fat mass during adolescence is associated with greater arterial stiffness

Obesity During Teen Years Tied to Stiffening of Arteries

This adverse effect is further aggravated by an unfavorable metabolic profile
Inadequate fruit and vegetable consumption may account for a considerable proportion of cardiovascular disease deaths each year

Inadequate Fruit, Veggies Explain Many Cardiovascular Deaths

Globally, suboptimal fruit, vegetable intake causes millions of CHD, stroke deaths per year
Dulaglutide is associated with a reduction in cardiovascular events and renal outcomes among patients with type 2 diabetes

ADA: Dulaglutide Tied to Decline in Cardiovascular Events in T2DM

Second study shows reduction in renal outcomes with dulaglutide in type 2 diabetes
For patients undergoing transcatheter aortic valve replacement for aortic stenosis

Mortality No Different With TAVR for Bicuspid, Tricuspid Stenosis

Patients receiving TAVR for bicuspid versus tricuspid stenosis had increased 30-day risk for stroke
Engaging in higher levels of physical activity in childhood is associated with better cardiovascular health indicators

Higher Levels of Exercise in Childhood Improve Heart Health

Better cardiovascular health indicators seen with engaging in higher levels of physical activity
The risk for cardiovascular events and all-cause mortality is increased for individuals with untreated white coat hypertension but not for those with treated white coat effect

Untreated White Coat HTN May Increase Cardiovascular Risk

Treated white coat effect not tied to cardiovascular events or all-cause, cardiovascular mortality
Fewer U.S. Army personnel have ideal cardiovascular health compared with their peers in the civilian population

Cardiovascular Health Poorer in Army Personnel Than Civilians

Prevalence of ideal blood pressure lower in U.S. Army personnel versus NHANES respondents
For patients with psoriatic disease

Carotid Atherosclerosis Predicts CV Events in Psoriatic Disease

After controlling for Framingham Risk Score, TPA, mean and max cIMT predict incident CVEs
For middle-aged adults

Increase in CV Mortality Smaller With Medicaid Expansion

Counties in states that expanded Medicaid had significantly smaller increase in cardiovascular mortality