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Variability in systolic blood pressure in young adults is associated with an increased subsequent risk for cardiovascular disease events and all-cause mortality

Systolic BP Variability in Young Adults May ID Later CVD Risk

Variability independent of the mean in SBP in young adults linked to CVD events, all-cause mortality
Time of day for taking warfarin makes no difference on the drug's effectiveness

Time of Day for Taking Warfarin Does Not Matter

Morning or evening administration makes no difference on time outside target INR range
About one in four cardiac rehabilitation-eligible Medicare beneficiaries participates in cardiac rehab

Less Than a Quarter of Medicare Patients Participate in Cardiac Rehab

Participation lower among women than men, among Hispanics and non-Hispanic blacks versus whites
Major incident cardiovascular disease events are associated with an increased risk for end-stage kidney disease

Major Cardiovascular Diseases May Up Long-Term Risk for ESKD

Risk highest for heart failure; risk for heart failure nominally higher with preserved ejection fraction
Habitual tea consumption is associated with a reduced risk for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality

Tea Drinking Linked to Reduced Risk for Atherosclerotic CVD

Risks for atherosclerotic CVD incidence and mortality, all-cause mortality lower in habitual tea drinkers
In a scientific statement from the American Heart Association

Guidance Issued for Management of Fulminant Myocarditis

Patients with fulminant myocarditis typically younger, healthier, present late or are recognized late
Adult heart transplants from hepatitis C virus-positive donors appear safe

Heart Transplants From Hep C Virus-Positive Donors Seem Safe

No significant difference seen in one-year posttransplant survival for HCV+, HCV− donors
Training for and completing a first marathon is associated with reduced central blood pressure and aortic stiffness

Training for, Running First Marathon May Reduce Aortic Age

Reductions in central blood pressure, aortic stiffness seen in first-time marathon completers
Patients with type 1 diabetes with optimal and suboptimal glycemic control differ with respect to clinical and health care utilization factors

Study Explores Factors Affecting Glycemic Control in T1DM

Suboptimal glycemic control not linked to higher rates of CV events at two years after T1DM diagnosis
There is great variability in donor heart acceptance decisions among U.S. transplant centers

Donor Heart Acceptance Practices Vary Across Transplant Centers

Several key factors predicting nonuse, acceptance variability not tied to increased recipient mortality