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First Biosimilar Approved for Macular Degeneration, Other Eye Conditions

Biosimilar to Lucentis approved to treat neovascular age-related macular degeneration, macular edema, myopic choroidal neovascularization

Survival Up With Tebentafusp in Metastatic Uveal Melanoma

Overall survival longer with tebentafusp for HLA*02:01-positive patients with previously untreated metastatic uveal melanoma

Maternal Diabetes Ups Offspring Risk for High Refractive Error

Offspring of mothers with diabetic complications have more pronounced increased risks than those of mothers with diabetes without complications

Corneal Nerve Fiber Damage ID’d in Patients With Long COVID

Corneal small nerve fiber loss, increased dendritic cells seen in patients with neurological symptoms at four weeks after acute COVID-19

Vision Impairment Tied to Cognitive Decline

Contrast sensitivity impairment may affect cognitive decline across more domains than other vision measures

Genetic Predisposition + High Caffeine Intake Ups Risk of Increased Intraocular Pressure

High caffeine intake not associated with increased risk for higher IOP or glaucoma, overall; among those with genetic risk, caffeine consumption increases risk of glaucoma

Incidence of Scleritis Down in the United Kingdom

Patients with scleritis have increased risk for prior diagnosis of infectious/immune-mediated inflammatory disease

ASA: Retinopathy Linked to Increased Risk for Stroke, Dementia

Dose-dependent relationship seen between severity of retinopathy and all-cause mortality

Frequency of Urgent Vitreoretinal Surgery Down During Pandemic

Decreases seen in intravitreal injections, lasers and cryotherapy, retinal detachment repairs, other vitrectomies

Eye Abnormalities Identified in Severe COVID-19 Patients

Seven percent of patients in a cohort of 129 with severe COVID-19 presented with abnormal MRI findings of the globe of the eye