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Black, Hispanic Patients Have Worse Outcomes for Retinal Detachment

However, authors say preoperative factors may explain this disparity

Only 10 Percent of U.S. Counties Have a Pediatric Ophthalmologist

Disparities seen in geographic distribution tied to socioeconomic status

Risk for Hydroxychloroquine Retinopathy 8.6 Percent at 15 Years

Cumulative incidence of retinopathy was higher with increasing dose of hydroxychloroquine

Over One-Quarter of Adults Age 71 and Older Have Vision Impairment

Older age, less education, and lower income associated with all types of vision impairment

Parental Astigmatism Increases Risk for Child Astigmatism

Astigmatism ≥1.0 D in both parents associated with greater odds of refractive and corneal astigmatism in the child

Inequities Identified in Ophthalmologic Care, Research

Lower-income patients more likely to have vision impairment, less use of eye care services, lower adherence to eye exams

Utilization of Telehealth Low in Ophthalmology

However, asynchronous testing may augment teleophthalmology

LASIK Should Carry Warnings of Possible Complications, FDA Says

New guidance says complications can include dry eyes, double vision, difficulty with night driving, chronic eye pain

Headaches Tied to Higher Risk for Dry Eye Disease

Findings consistent across headache types -- migraine, tension, and cluster

Ophthalmologists Underrepresented in Google Searches

Google search for 'eye doctor near me' underrepresented ophthalmologists compared with optometrists