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Sample: Multiple Myeloma Brief – Oncology Series

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Issue Date: January 12, 2016

Multiple Myeloma Brief curates research from some of the most authoritative names in health information on the specialty of oncology, focusing on multiple myeloma.

December 2015 (Medical News Today)


Benefits of carfilzomib in multiple myeloma persist across subgroups

“The take-home message is that we have a second generation proteasome inhibitor that is more potent and better tolerated than bortezomib in the elderly,” said Palumbo, adding the perfect dose for this population has yet to be defined. “I’m 100 % sure of the 36/m2┬ádose and 70% sure for the 56 mg/m2┬ádose,” he said.

January 2016 (Medical News Today)


Does high folic acid intake reduce immune system defenses?

Study author Ligi Paul, PhD, from the HNRCA, says: “If we want to optimize the efforts of NK cells to increase resistance to infections, the use of folic acid in some contexts may need to be reassessed. Among older adults, additional research might show that it is important to take supplements only if one has been documented to be folate-deficient.”

January 2014 (Discovery Medicine)

Research Review

Immunotherapy with Chimeric Antigen Receptors for Multiple Myeloma

Since CARs function by recognition of targets on the surface of cancer cells, the early clinical development of CARs has naturally focused on hematologic malignancies, for which expression of surface markers has been well characterized. In this review, we will discuss the efforts underway to develop CAR-based therapies for multiple myeloma.


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