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Split-Dose Better Than Day-Before Colonoscopy Prep

Patients also prefer split-dose regimens for bowel cleansing

MONDAY, July 6, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Split-dose regimens increase the quality of colon cleansing compared to day-before colonoscopy preparation, according to a review and meta-analysis published in the July issue of Gastroenterology.

Myriam Martel, from McGill University in Montreal, and colleagues conducted a systematic literature review to identify randomized trials that assessed the efficacy of bowel cleansing for split-dose regimens versus day-before colonoscopy preparation. Studies evaluating pediatric, hospitalized, or inflammatory bowel disease patients were excluded.

Based on 47 trials (13,487 patients), the researchers found that split-dose preparations provided significantly better colon cleansing than day-before preparations (odds ratio [OR], 2.51). This comparison included day-before preparations with polyethylene glycol (OR, 2.60), sodium phosphate (OR, 9.34), or picosulfate (OR, 3.54). A higher proportion of patients were willing to repeat split-dose versus day-before cleansing (OR, 1.90), as well as low-volume split-dose preparations versus high-volume split-dose preparations (OR, 4.95). The different preparation methods did not vary with regards to side effects, complications, or outcomes of procedures.

“Additional research is required to evaluate oral sulfate solution-based and polyethylene glycol low-volume regimens further,” the authors write.

One author disclosed financial ties to the medical device industry.

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