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Too Much Sitting Linked With Higher Risk of Anxiety

Review found link between the two, but not cause and effect

TUESDAY, June 23, 2015 (HealthDay News) — People who spend much of their day sitting may be more likely to feel anxious, a new review suggests. The findings were published online June 19 in BMC Public Health.

The researchers looked at nine international studies. Some focused on adults, some on children; some assessed people for clinical anxiety, while others asked people how often they felt “worried, tense, or anxious.”

Overall, the researchers found moderate evidence for positive relationships between both total sedentary behavior and anxiety risk and sitting time and anxiety risk. The team found inconsistent evidence for the relationship between anxiety risk and screen time, television viewing time, and computer use.

“Our findings suggest a positive association (i.e., anxiety risk increases as sedentary behavior time increases) may exist (particularly between sitting time and risk of anxiety),” the authors write. “Further high-quality longitudinal/interventional research is needed to confirm findings and determine the direction of these relationships.”

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