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Women with peripheral artery disease have a higher burden of depressive symptoms compared with men

Women Have More Depression With Peripheral Artery Disease

Depressive symptoms associated with worse disease-specific health status
Many women seen in outpatient obstetrics-gynecology clinics are unaware of their own cardiovascular risk factors and symptoms

Improved Screenings by Ob-Gyns May Help Detect Heart Problems

Women seen at outpatient ob-gyn clinics largely unaware of heart risks and symptoms; screenings may help
Women with polycystic ovary syndrome have an increased risk for cardiovascular disease

Risk for Cardiovascular Disease Up for Women With PCOS

After stratification by age, no increased CVD risk for women with PCOS observed after age 50 years

July 2020 Briefing – OBGYN & Women’s Health

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in OBGYN & Women's Health for July 2020. This roundup...
Cost-related prescription nonadherence is highest among younger U.S. women compared with individuals living in 10 other high-income countries

Cost-Related Rx Nonadherence Highest in Young U.S. Women

One in four women report cost-related nonadherence versus one in seven men
Early age at menarche is a risk factor for menopausal symptoms

Early Age at Menarche Tied to Frequent Menopausal Symptoms

Midlife body mass index may play important role in modifying this risk
Women taking β-blockers for hypertension have an increased risk for developing heart failure when they present to the hospital with acute coronary syndrome

Risk for Heart Failure Increased for Women Taking β-Blockers

Difference of 4.6 percent found between women and men in rate of heart failure at presentation for ACS
More than 70

Employers Can Refuse to Provide Birth Control Coverage: U.S Supreme Court

Lower courts had previously blocked changes to a requirement in the Affordable Care Act
Cognitively normal women have increased Alzheimer disease endophenotype

Women Have More Brain Changes Related to Alzheimer Disease

Menopausal status the predictor most consistently and strongly linked to brain differences, after sex
For women with premature ovarian insufficiency

Contraceptives Beneficial for Premature Ovarian Insufficiency

Combined oral contraceptives linked to improvement in bone mass, similar to that with high-dose HT