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Mujeres con acné del adulto enfrentan percepciones erróneas perjudiciales, según un nuevo estudio

Se percibe a las mujeres con acné del adulto como menos atractivas, menos exitosas y menos felices, según un nuevo estudio.

Women with Adult Acne Face Harmful Misperceptions, New Study Finds

Women with adult acne are often perceived as less attractive, less successful and less happy, a new study finds.

Overactive Bladder Symptoms Common With Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Just over one-third of women experienced improvement in symptoms across treatment modalities

AMI, Stroke Risk Elevated for Women With Preeclampsia Within 20 Years

Rates of AMI and stroke remained doubled more than 20 years after delivery; increased rates also seen for women aged 30 to 39 years

Self-Cut Mesh Noninferior for Pelvic Organ Prolapse Procedure

Surgical success rate for self-cut mesh noninferior to that for commercial mesh kit with benefit of cost savings

How PCOS Diagnosis Is Communicated May Affect Later Well-Being

Words used by physicians to communicate diagnosis of polycystic ovary syndrome linked to state of well-being reported by women

Pathophysiology of Nocturnal Enuresis Explored in Adult Women

Risk factors for NE severity included incontinence symptoms, poor flow, increased bladder sensation, detrusor overactivity and underactivity

Morbidity Risk Increased for Children Exposed to Maternal PCOS

Risk increased for any childhood hospitalization, infectious disease hospitalization, allergy-related hospitalization

Women With PCOS Report More Morbidity, Medication Use

Prevalence increased for self-reported diagnoses of migraine, hypertension, tendinitis, osteoarthritis, and endometriosis

Muchas mujeres mayores tienen unas vidas sexuales activas

Nearly Four in 10 Older Women Remain Sexually Active

Authors say women should speak to their providers about sexual health, including the impact of menopause-related symptoms