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Intrauterine growth restriction protects against allergic diseases

Lower Birth Weight May Protect Against Allergies

However, effects might differ between allergic diseases
Among individuals with type 2 diabetes

Maintaining Weight Loss Cuts Cardiovascular Risk in T2DM

Allowing weight regain as part of maintenance reduces cardiometabolic benefit for many risk factors
Psoriasis is associated with high body mass index and low intake of meat

Psoriasis Tied to High BMI, Low Meat Intake in Japanese Study

Meat, fish intake patterns among psoriasis patients in Japan opposite of those in Western countries
Even at lower body weights

Rates of Diabetes Higher at Lower BMIs Among Minorities

At normal body weight, rates for diabetes three times higher in Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders
Food insecurity is associated with fair or poor health and developmental risk but not with obesity

Childhood Food Insecurity Tied to Poor Health Outcomes, Developmental Risk

But food insecurity for children 4 years and younger not associated with pediatric obesity, underweight
Following existing complementary feeding guidelines for infants may result in overfeeding within the first year of life

Complementary Infant Feeding Guidelines May Lead to Overfeeding

Halving breast milk, feeding per guideline resulted in overweight between 9 and 11 months for three guidelines
Women with normal-weight central obesity have increased mortality risk compared with normal weight women with no central obesity

Mortality Up in Women With Central Obesity, Regardless of BMI

Normal weight with central obesity tied to higher risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer mortality
For postmenopausal women with normal body mass index

Regional Fat With Normal BMI Affects CVD Risk After Menopause

Higher percent trunk fat and lower percent leg fat linked to increased risk of cardiovascular disease
High body mass index and weight gain are associated with reduced long-term risk for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

High BMI, Weight Gain Linked to Lasting Decrease in ALS Risk

Link found between high BMI, weight gain and lower risk for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis decades later
Abdominal obesity may increase the risk for psoriasis

Abdominal Obesity May Raise Risk for Psoriasis

High waist circumference, regardless of overall body mass index, tied to higher risk