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Higher consumption of sugary drinks is associated with an increased risk for overall cancer and breast cancer

Sugary Beverage Consumption Linked to Increased Cancer Risk

In prospective cohort study, consuming 100 percent fruit juice also tied to increased cancer risk
Consumption of sugary beverages

Higher Consumption of Sugary Drinks May Up Mortality in Adults

Findings include both sugar-sweetened beverages and 100 percent fruit juices
Implementation of a beverage excise tax on sugar-sweetened and artificially sweetened beverages in Philadelphia in January 2017 was associated with a reduction in the volume of beverages sold

Taxing Sweetened Beverages Reduces Volume Sold

Decrease in beverages sold partially offset by increase in volume of sales in bordering areas
Children and teens who drink low-calorie sweetened beverages do not save calories versus those who drink sugary drinks

Low-Calorie Sweetened Drinks Do Not Cut Calories in Children

Low-, zero-calorie sweetened beverage consumers take in 200 extra calories daily versus water drinkers
Children who do not drink water have a higher intake of calories from sugar-sweetened beverages

Water Intake Affects Caloric Intake From Sugary Drinks

Among children, no water intake linked to intake of 92.9 kcal more calories from SSBs
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration policy on added sugar labeling could be a cost-effective way of improving health

Added Sugar Labeling Could Reduce CVD, Diabetes Cases

Labeling would result in gain in quality-adjusted life-years and health care and societal cost savings
In a joint policy statement published online March 25 in Pediatrics

Policies Recommended to Reduce Sugary Drink Intake in Youth

Strategies aim to lower sugary beverage consumption among children and adolescents
Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with increased mortality

Sugary Drinks Tied to Cardiovascular Disease Mortality

Comparing extreme categories of consumption, SSB linked to increased CVD mortality, cancer mortality
Sugar-sweetened beverage consumption is associated with an increased risk for severe versus mild-to-moderate disability among individuals with multiple sclerosis

AAN: Sweetened Drinks Linked to More Severe Disability in MS

Those in highest quartile of sugar-sweetened beverage intake had greater risk for severe disability
A pattern of higher consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with increased odds of chronic kidney disease

Sugar-Sweetened Drinks Linked to Chronic Kidney Disease Risk

Odds of CKD up with beverage pattern consisting of higher intake of sweetened soda, fruit drinks, water