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Genetic Variants in HMGCR Linked to Increased Cataract Risk

Heterozygous carriers of HMGCR predicted loss-of-function variants had higher risks for developing cataract, cataract surgery

USPSTF Updates Guidance on Statins for Primary Prevention of CVD

Statin use recommended for people aged 40 to 75 years with CV risk factor(s) and higher 10-year risk for a CV event

More Intensive LDL-C Lowering May Cut Recurrent Stroke Risk

More intensive LDL-C-lowering with statin-based therapies linked to reduced risk for recurrent stroke for patients with evidence of atherosclerosis

Meta-Analysis Shows Prevalence of Statin Intolerance Is Low

Prevalence of SI was 9.1 percent overall; significant associations seen for age, female gender, Asian and Black race, obesity, diabetes mellitus

Statin Use May Be Safely Continued During Pregnancy

Higher risk seen for low birth weight and preterm birth with statins, but no tie to congenital anomalies

Statin Use Not Linked to COVID-19 Mortality in Hospitalized Patients

Statin use associated with increased relative risk for severe disease among hospitalized patients with COVID-19

Statins May Be Tied to Lower Risk for COVID-19 Death

Statin treatment tied to moderately lower COVID-19 mortality in large population study accounting for preexisting health conditions and other factors

Fixed-Dose Combination Therapies Reduce Cardiovascular Risk

Fixed-dose combo with BP-lowering meds, statin, and aspirin yields largest reduction in cardiovascular risk

Statin Use Improves Survival in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer

Overall survival, breast cancer-specific survival improved among women with TNBC, but not those without TNBC

Prior Statin Use Linked to Reduced Risk for Death in COVID-19

Risk for death significantly reduced with prior statin and/or antihypertensive use among those with history of CVD and/or hypertension