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A new website to help Americans with substance abuse problems find treatment was activated Wednesday by the Trump administration.

White House Launches Website to Help Those Battling Substance Abuse

FindTreatment.gov will allow Americans with substance abuse and mental health issues to better access care
The Tailored

Family Involvement Cuts Postop Delirium in Older Patients

Patients in elder life program had less decline in physical and cognitive function, shorter length of stay
Prophylactic use of melatonin does not prevent delirium after major cardiac surgery

Prophylactic Melatonin Does Not Cut Delirium After Major Cardiac Surgery

Findings based on results of randomized trial of patients undergoing major cardiac surgery
Patients with primary restless leg syndrome who begin dopamine agonist therapy may be at increased risk for adverse psychiatric events

Dopamine Agonists Tied to Higher Risk for Psychiatric Events

Findings seen in large study of patients with restless leg syndrome starting dopamine agonists
For transgender individuals with a diagnosis of gender incongruence

Gender-Affirming Surgery May Aid Long-Term Mental Health

Longitudinal association identified in individuals with a gender incongruence diagnosis
For young adults

Food Insecurity Linked to Chronic Disease in Young Adults

Second study shows food insecurity linked to mental health problems, poorer sleep outcomes
Some nutrient supplements may be beneficial as adjunctive treatment for common mental health conditions

Some Nutritional Supplements May Aid Mental Health Conditions

Nutrient supplements had good safety profiles, no known contraindications with psychiatric medications
There is an increase in mental health service presentations after bariatric surgery

Mental Health Service Use Up After Bariatric Surgery

Deliberate self-harm presentations to an ED increased fivefold after bariatric surgery
For patients with mental health or substance use disorders with newly diagnosed diabetes

Primary Care Use Aids Patients With Diabetes and Coexisting Psych Disorders

More primary care for patients with mental health, substance use disorders may affect diabetes severity
In a large university population

Diabetes Distress Common at Large Midwestern University

Findings based on survey of university-affiliated students, staff with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes