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Physicians boarded in both medicine and psychiatry can offer a way to address some of the challenges associated with caring for medical patients with psychiatric comorbidities

Physicians With Medicine/Psych Training Can Help Complex Cases

Dually trained med/psych physicians can effectively care for hospital patients with psychiatric issues
People who feel younger than their age show fewer signs of brain aging than those who feel their age or older than their age

Feeling Young May Be Reflected in Brain Structure

Those who feel younger than their real age actually have less brain aging
Existing policy has been amended to encourage licensing boards to require disclosure of physical or mental health conditions only when these would negatively impact a physicians' ability to practice medicine

Medical Boards May Contribute to Mental Health Stigma for Doctors

Existing policy amended to encourage only current mental health disclosures
Many published news articles included details of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment in association with President Trump

Details of Montreal Cognitive Assessment Widely Publicized

Some invited readers to self-administer test; search interest in MoCA increased after Trump evaluated
Fixing up blighted physical environments

Greening Vacant Land Improves Neighborhood Mental Health

Cleaning up vacant lots in resource-limited urban settings can aid residents' mental health
An adverse impact on mental health is seen with reducing the age at which Lone Parent Obligations -- which require lone parents in the United Kingdom to seek work as a condition for receiving welfare benefits -- apply

Restricting Benefits for Single Moms May Harm Mental Health

Requiring lone parents with young children to seek work as condition for benefits has adverse impact
Both education/behavioral and emotion-focused approaches can effectively reduce diabetes distress among patients with type 1 diabetes and elevated hemoglobin A1c

Programs Can Lower Diabetes Distress in Adults With T1DM

Both education/behavioral and emotion-focused approaches produce similar results
Women in New Zealand who experienced severe maternal morbidity often do not receive information

Follow-up Lacking for Women With Severe Maternal Morbidity

In New Zealand, large proportion did not receive event debrief, referral to social support or specialist
A substantial number of adult childhood cancer survivors are unconcerned about their future health and subsequent cancer risks

Many Childhood CA Survivors Not Concerned About Future Health

Even among those exposed to high radiation doses, one-third not concerned about developing cancer
For black U.S. adults

Police Killings of Unarmed Blacks Impact Community Mental Health

Each additional killing linked to 0.14 additional poor mental health days among black adults