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A higher amount of screen time per day is associated with decreased psychological well-being in children and adolescents

Less Pediatric Screen Time Tied to Better Well-Being

High users of screens more likely to have history of depression, anxiety, mental health tx
From 2007 to 2017

Rates of Mental Health Tx, Diagnosis Up for College Students

2007 to 2017 also saw increases in depression and suicidality, while decrease observed in stigma
Survivors of major trauma have an elevated risk for mental health conditions or death by suicide in the five years after injury

Mental Health Conditions, Suicide Up After Major Trauma

Rise seen in postinjury rate of mental health diagnoses; suicide rate higher than population average
Those with fond memories of childhood and strong relationships with their parents have better health throughout adulthood

Happy Childhood Memories Associated With Better Health

Memories predicted better physical, mental health even in middle age and older adulthood
From 2012 to 2016

AAP: More Children Visiting Pediatric EDs for Mental Health

Increase in mental health-related diagnoses from 2012 to 2016, higher rate for non-Hispanic blacks
Stress related to social stigma may contribute to why people with autism experience more mental health problems than the general population

Social Stigma Worsens Mental Health With Autism

Research may dispel past theories that the condition contributes to mental health issues
Among college students

Diagnoses, Treatment of Mental Health Conditions Up in College

Highest odds ratios seen for anxiety, panic attacks, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Patients with diabetes have increased mortality due to suicide

Mortality Due to Suicide, Alcohol, Accidents Up in Diabetes

Patients with diabetes have higher mortality in nearly all end points, especially for insulin-treated
For young adults receiving kidney replacement therapy

Well-Being of Young Adults on Kidney Replacement Tx Studied

Well-being and medication adherence negatively linked to psychological morbidity, dialysis
Most older adults who self-harm are not referred to mental health services

Few Seniors Who Self-Harm Referred for Mental Health Care

Diagnosed mental illness, physical health condition more prevalent in seniors who self-harm