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For men with prostate cancer

Clinician-Referred Exercise Program Beneficial in Prostate CA

Clinician referral to a 12-week program ups vigorous exercise levels and improves mental health
Higher levels of gratitude are associated with better mood

Gratitude Linked With Better Outcomes in Heart Patients

Keeping a gratitude journal seemed to reduce cardiac risk factors
Oral systemic agomelatine has a hypotonising effect that decreases intraocular pressure in both eyes of treatment-resistant primary open angle glaucoma patients

Agomelatine Cuts Ocular Pressure With Glaucoma

Agomelatine, a melatonin agonist, decreases pressure in stable, consistent way
For individuals with major depression and chronic medical illness

Conventional, Religiously Integrated CBT Similarly Effective

Similar outcomes for CCBT, RCBT for participants with major depression and chronic medical illness
For patients with borderline personality disorder with high suicide risk

Dialectical Behavior Tx Aids Borderline Personality Disorder

DBT interventions that include skills training component found to be more effective
Antipsychotic drugs used to treat the delusions

Antipsychotics May Up Risk of Premature Death in Dementia

Risk dose-dependent among patients taking newer, more commonly used antipsychotics
While some thinking skills begin to decline as one ages

Emotional Intelligence Peaks in Middle Age

Overall knowledge base highest for seniors
A psychosocial telephone counseling intervention can be beneficial for cervical cancer survivors

Psychosocial Phone Counseling Aids Cervical Cancer Survivors

Improvements in depression; lasting improvement in gynecologic and cancer-specific concerns
Few physicians would find euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide conceivable for patients with psychiatric disease

Few Doctors Would Consider Euthanasia in Psychiatric Disease

Most find it inconceivable that they would grant a request for euthanasia, physician-assisted suicide
For individuals with dementia living in nursing homes

Antipsychotic Rx Often Relates to Non-Approved Indications

Major categories of reasons for medication use are behavioral, psychiatric, emotional states, cognition