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Any degree of negative spiritual belief is associated with worse health outcomes

Negative Spiritual Belief Linked to Worse Health Outcomes

Link seen for individuals with heterogeneous health conditions, regardless of positive spiritual beliefs
Eudaimonic well-being is associated with lower tumor norepinephrine in women with epithelial ovarian cancer

Eudaimonic Well-Being Tied to Ovarian Tumor Neuroeffector

Positive affect, psychological distress not associated with tumor norepinephrine
For terminally ill patients

Subtypes of Delirium Linked to Shorter Survival in Terminally Ill

Hypoactive and mixed subtypes linked to shorter period of survival; significant interaction with age
A U.S. appeals court has ruled that medical associations have a legal standing to represent their members and members' patients in cases against health insurance companies

Doctors Can Stand Up for Their Patients, Says Appeals Court

U.S. appeals court rules NY State Psychiatric Assn can bring claim on behalf of members, patients
Independent researchers couldn't reproduce the findings of more than half of 100 experiments previously published in three prominent psychology journals

Challenges in Replicating Results of Psychology Studies

Reason to suspect similar issues across disciplines, researcher says
Military-connected youth are at increased risk for adverse outcomes during wartime

Well-Being of Kids From Military Families Suffers During Wartime

Children of military families at higher risk of substance abuse, violence, carrying weapons
Multiple factors can impact levels of compassion fatigue and compassion satisfaction among nurses

Many Factors Impact RN Compassion Fatigue, Satisfaction

Significant differences on basis of sex, age, education level, unit, acuity, change in nursing management

American Psychological Association, Aug. 6-9

The 123rd Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association The annual meeting of the American Psychological Association was held from Aug. 6 to...
Use of legal appearance- and performance-enhancing drugs is increasing among men

APA: Use of Legal Performance-Enhancing Drugs Up Among Men

Forty percent of men report increase in use of supplements; 29 percent concerned about use
Teens who frequently use social media are more likely to say they struggle with mental health concerns that are not being addressed

More Social Media Use Linked to Mental Health Concerns in Teens

Those on social media sites for longer than two hours a day more likely to report mental health concerns