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Black Seniors With GI Malignancy More Likely to Be Frail

COVID-19 Pneumonia Hospitalization Tied to New-Onset Dementia

Rate significantly higher than seen with other pneumonias

Recommendations Simplified for Pneumococcal Vaccination

ACIP recommends PCV20 alone or PCV15 in series with PPSV23 for all aged 65 years and older or younger adults at risk

New Model Predicts Pediatric Pneumonia With Reduced X-Ray Need

Three variables in the model included age, fever duration, and decreased breath sounds

Regular Physical Activity Can Help Cut Pneumonia Risk

The most physically active groups in the general population had lower risk for incident pneumonia and pneumonia-related mortality

Air Pollution Exposure Linked to Pneumonia in Children

Exposure to PM2.5 above 10.75 µg/m3 associated with residence in area with high risk for community-acquired pneumonia in children

Risk for Asthma at Age 4 Years Higher After Pneumonia in Infancy

Risk slightly higher after introduction of nationwide pneumococcal conjugate vaccine

Postop Pneumonia Risk Up With Pediatric Neurologic Comorbidity

Almost twofold higher risk seen with presence of preoperative neurologic comorbidity; length of stay also up with neurologic comorbidity

Rates of Macrolide Resistance in S. pneumoniae High Across the U.S.

Clinicians should consider alternatives to macrolide monotherapy as empiric therapy for suspected community-acquired bacterial pneumonia

Short-Course Antibiotics Noninferior for Pediatric Pneumonia

Short-course antibiotic therapy comparable to standard care for community-acquired pneumonia

El microbioma pulmonar podría tener un rol en el cáncer

Some Inflammatory Diseases Linked to Stroke-Associated Pneumonia

Risk for SAP reduced among patients with psoriasis, other chronic inflammatory diseases among acute ischemic stroke discharges