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HPV Vaccination May Cut Risk for CIN2+ Recurrence

Effect estimate stronger for CIN2+ for disease related to HPV subtypes HPV 16 or HPV 18

HPV-Related Throat Cancer Outcomes in Men Vary by Race, Ethnicity

Cancer-specific mortality for HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer higher among non-Hispanic Black and Hispanic men than White men

2015 to 2020 Saw Increase in HPV Vaccination Rates Among Teens

Larger increases in coverage seen among boys than girls, with narrowing of coverage gap

Vaccine for Type 1 Diabetes

Increasing Impact of HPV Vaccination Seen in the United States

Impact on 4vHPV-type prevalence in 2015 to 2018 for 14- to 24-year-old females 90 percent among vaccinated, 74 percent among unvaccinated

HPV-Associated Cancer Incidence Starting to Increase

Cervical cancer incidence plateaued in highest-income counties, increased in lowest-income counties in recent years

Incidence of Oropharyngeal Cancer Projected to Rise in U.S. Men

Under a status quo scenario based on current levels of HPV vaccination, 792,000 OPC cases in men would be prevented by the year 2100

Cervical Cancer Deaths Down Following HPV Vaccine Introduction

Reductions in cervical cancer incidence, mortality in the U.S. greater for those aged 15 to 24 years than those aged 25 to 29, 30 to 39 years

HPV Vaccine Will Have Modest Impact on Oropharynx Cancer Incidence by 2045

However, reductions in oropharynx cancer incidence should be seen among young and middle-aged adults

Human Papillomavirus Infection Tied to Preterm Birth Risk

Risk increased for both persistent and placental infection and for both spontaneous and all preterm births

Parents Increasingly Cite Safety Concerns in HPV Vaccine Refusal

Despite 79.9 percent increase in parent-reported safety concerns, there was a drop in HPV vaccine-related reported adverse reactions