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Risk for Type 1 MI Hospitalization Increased With Prediabetes

Younger adults with prediabetes have increased odds of T1MI, but do not have increased risk for MACCE

Magnets in Cellphones

Text Message Intervention Does Not Up Meds Adherence After Heart Attack

Intervention associated with small improvements in BMI <25 kg/m2, eating at least five vegetables and two fruits/day

Treatment, Outcomes for AMI Patients Compared in Six Countries

Proportion of patients admitted with STEMI who received PCI in hospital in 2017 ranged from 36.9 percent in England to 78.6 percent in Canada

Men With Heart Disease Can Safely Mix Their Nitrates with ED Drugs

Ten-Year Mortality, Recurrence Rates Decreasing After Acute MI

Mortality and recurrence risks lower for patients hospitalized in 2007 to 2009 versus those hospitalized in 1995 to 1997

Vaccine Rollout Linked to Drop in Severe COVID-19 in Dialysis Patients

Cardiovascular Mortality Down Among Dialysis Patients

Greater declines seen for myocardial infarction, stroke, and pulmonary embolism among dialysis patients than general population

Risk for Acute MI Not Increased With Two-Dose HepB-CpG Vaccine

Noninferiority study shows no increased risk for acute MI with two-dose HepB-CpG vaccine versus three-dose HepB-alum vaccine

Risk for Parkinson Disease Reduced After Myocardial Infarction

During median follow-up of 21 years, risk reduced for Parkinson disease, secondary parkinsonism after MI

ASA: Myocardial Infarction May Hasten Cognitive Decline in Adults

Participants with incident MI had significantly faster declines in global cognition, memory, and executive function than those without MI

Premature AMI Mortality Declined From 1999 to 2019

Decline slowed since 2011; was higher among large and medium/small metros versus rural counties

High-Dose IV Iron Reduces MI in Patients on Hemodialysis

High-dose versus low-dose intravenous iron reduces myocardial infarctions in patients receiving maintenance hemodialysis