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Early Rhythm Control Key in A-Fib and Heart Failure

Reduction seen in composite primary outcomes of CV death, stroke, hospitalization for worsening of heart failure or ACS

~40 Percent of Incident Heart Failure Diagnoses Occur in Acute Care

46 percent of those diagnosed in acute care had potential heart failure symptoms in previous six months

Methamphetamine-Linked Heart Failure Up in California

Increase of 585 percent seen in methamphetamine-associated cardiomyopathy/heart failure hospitalizations from 2008 to 2018

Heart Failure Linked to Increased Incidence of Cancer

Increased rates of cancer seen among women and men and for cancer at multiple sites, including lip, oral cavity, pharynx, respiratory organs

Statin Use May Cut Cancer Risk in Heart Failure Patients

Reduced risk for incident cancer and cancer-related mortality in patients with heart failure appears to depend on duration of statin use

Sotagliflozin Ups Days Alive, Out of Hospital in T2DM, Heart Failure

Increase in rate of days alive and out of hospital mainly due to drop in rate of days dead for patients with T2DM, worsening heart failure

ACC: Tailored Rehab Beneficial for Heart Failure in Seniors

Greater physical improvement seen with early, transitional, tailored, progressive rehab intervention including physical function domains

Almost One in Four Patients With Heart Failure Develop Depression

Heart failure patients have significantly higher likelihood of developing depression within five years

New Heart Failure Diagnosed in Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients

Though uncommon, cases of new heart failure include younger COVID-19 patients with no history of cardiovascular disease or risk factors

Impaired First-Phase Ejection Fraction Tied to COVID-19 Mortality

Mortality increased in unadjusted, adjusted analyses for patients with impaired first-phase ejection fraction