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Brain Activity May Play Role in ‘Broken Heart Syndrome’

Stress-related brain activity tied to higher risk for developing Takotsubo syndrome

Meds for Enlarged Prostate Tied to Heart Failure Risk

Risk higher for men on alpha-blockers versus 5-alpha reductase inhibitors

Six in 10 Heart Failure Patients Readmitted Within One Year

Comorbidities, including kidney dysfunction, lung disease, and psychiatric illness, tied to higher readmission

Heart Failure-Related Mortality Up for Rural Versus Urban Adults

Rural-urban incidence rate ratio persisted among younger and older adults after adjustment for county-level factors

U.S. Patterns for Recurrent Coronary Heart Disease Examined

Decreases in recurrent MI rates, recurrent CHD event rates, heart failure hospitalization rates, all-cause death greater in women than men

Decline in Myocardial Function May Start Early in Blacks

Midwall fractional shortening trajectories differ by race from early age to young adulthood

Polynesian Ancestry May Increase Cardiometabolic Risk

Genetic study reveals link between Polynesian ancestry and higher risk for obesity, T2DM, heart failure in Native Hawaiians

Heart Failure Represents Considerable Global Health Concern

From 1990, increase in absolute numbers of heart failure prevalent cases and years lived with disability

Cardiovascular Comorbidities More Likely for Adults With CHDs

Likelihood increased for history of congestive heart failure and stroke and reporting current depressive symptoms

Higher Coffee Intake May Lower Risk for Heart Failure

Machine learning used to analyze data from three large, well-known epidemiological studies