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Women Underrepresented in U.S. Health System Leadership

Findings seen among the largest U.S. health systems, insurance groups, and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Up for Racial, Ethnic Minority HCWs

Vaccine hesitancy highest among Black and Hispanic or Latino health care workers; concerns include side effects, newness of vaccine

More Than 10 Percent of Adults Missed Health Care in Spring 2021

In addition, 9.2 percent of parents report delaying or forgoing care for their children for fear of exposure to the coronavirus

Disparities in COVID-19 Vaccination ID’d Among Health Employees

At MetroHealth System, probability of vaccination up for employees older than 44 years, men, Whites, and Asians

Fewer Than Half of Physicians Work in Private Practice

Trend has accelerated since 2018 when 54 percent of physicians worked in private practice

HD Live!: An Interview With Dr. Anthony Fauci

Fauci Awarded Medal by Academy of Sciences

Medal is the academy's most prestigious award, presented annually to honor extraordinary use of science for the public good

COVID-19 Infection Higher Among Support Staff Than Doctors, Nurses

Black and Latino workers have twice the odds of a positive virus or antibody test

~65 Percent of Office-Based Doctors Can ID Patients in Need of Follow-Up

More primary care physicians and those with an EHR system have computerized capability to ID patients due for preventive, follow-up care

There has been a decrease in primary care office visits during the COVID-19 pandemic

Primary Care Visits Dropped in Early Months of the Pandemic

Use of telemedicine increased, but fewer BP and cholesterol assessments being performed
Female primary care physicians generate less visit revenue but spend more time in patient care visits than their male counterparts

Female Doctors Generate Less Revenue Per Office Visit Than Males

However, female physicians spend more observed time in visits per year than their male counterparts