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Virtual video visits can effectively replace office visits for selected patients across medical specialties without sacrificing quality of care or patient-physician communication

Virtual Video Visits Liked by Patients, Providers

Virtual video visits highly ranked by patients for quality, convenience
Unique factors dissuade female fellows-in-training from pursuing a career in interventional cardiology

Sex Differences Seen in Pursuit of Interventional Cardiology Career

Factors negatively influencing women are largely related to the culture of the subspecialty
Ethical principles are discussed in an updated Ethics Manual

American College of Physicians Releases 7th Edition of Ethics Manual

Manual focuses on patient-physician relationship in different scenarios, including telemedicine
About half of adolescent and young adult patients report having had private time with a health care provider (HCP) and having spoken to an HCP about confidentiality

About Half of Young Patients Have Had Private Time With Doctors

Adolescents, young adults who have had private time report more positive attitudes to providers
The phenomenon of private equity acquisition of physician practices is discussed in an Ideas and Opinions piece published online Jan. 8 in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Private Equity Acquisition of Physician Practices Discussed

Critics warn private equity firms might focus on increased profitability at expense of patient care
Minority medical students report a variety of barriers to applying for a dermatology residency

Minority Med Students Report More Barriers to Dermatology

Students with lower incomes, ethnic minorities cite lack of diversity, socioeconomic barriers

December 2018 Briefing – Family Practice

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Family Practice for December 2018. This roundup includes the...

December 2018 Briefing – Internal Medicine

Here are what the editors at HealthDay consider to be the most important developments in Internal Medicine for December 2018. This roundup includes the...
An institutional gender equity initiative can reduce gender-based salary gaps among medical school faculty

Initiative Can Cut Gender Gap in Medical School Faculty Salaries

Overall mean salary gap by gender decreased from −2.6 to −1.9 percent after a decade
From 2005 to 2017

Growth in Use of Telemedicine Seen From 2005 to 2017

Significantly faster increase in use of telemental health services seen in counties with no psychiatrists