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Radiomics-Based AI Models Can Detect PDAC From Prediagnostic CT

AI-based approach may detect pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma at a subclinical stage

AI Can Help ID Incidental PE on Conventional Chest CT Exams

Out of 3,003 chest CT exams, AI detected four iPEs missed by clinical reports, and clinical reports detected seven iPEs missed by AI

Negative CT May Prompt Discharge of Patients With Abdominal Seat Belt Sign

Presence of free fluid may serve as the most effective binary classifier for presence of hollow viscus injury

Abdominal CT Biomarkers May Predict Type 2 Diabetes

Predictors of T2D include intrapancreatic fat percentage, pancreatic fractal dimension, plaque severity between L1 and L4

Integration of AI Platform Can Cut Time for Chest CT Interpretation

Mean interpretation times were 22.1 percent shorter in the artificial-intelligence versus non-AI arms

Strategies to Reduce IV Contrast Use for CT Scans Compared

Greatest reduction would involve performing unenhanced CT assuming no more than moderate negative effect on diagnostic accuracy

Oncological lung cancer disease concept. Doctor holding medical lung body x-ray photo with pinned white ribbon as a symbol of lung cancer on white isolated background

Follow-Up Often Delayed After High-Risk Findings on Lung Cancer Screening

Patients with more severe findings less likely to have prolonged delays; current smokers had more delays than former smokers

Emphysema on CT Linked to Increased Risk for Lung Cancer

Pooled odds ratios for lung cancer increased with emphysema severity, and were higher for visual versus quantitative assessments on chest CT

Less Toxicity Seen With MRI-Guided SBRT for Prostate Cancer

Rate of acute grade ≥2 genitourinary toxicity lower with MRI guidance versus CT guidance for SBRT in men with localized prostate cancer

Screening Nonsmokers May Up Lung Cancer Overdiagnosis, Spurious Survival Rates

Promoting low-dose CT screening among mostly nonsmoking women increased detection of early-stage, but not late-stage, lung cancers