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Genetics May Affect Pregnancy Risk Factors for Offspring Neurodevelopmental Conditions

Genetic liability to ADHD, schizophrenia linked to pregnancy-related factors thought to be associated with these conditions

5/24 -- These Foods Might Help Curb a Child's ADHD

Dietary Intake Tied to Inattention With ADHD

Children eating fewer fruits and vegetables likely to have more severe symptoms of inattention

Two in Five Adults With ADHD Report Excellent Mental Health

Rate of complete mental health lower among adults with ADHD compared with those without ADHD

Structural Brain MRI Measures Compared for Youth With, Without ADHD

Only 11 of 79 brain measures differed significantly among children aged 9 to 10 years with ADHD compared with their peers without ADHD

Increased Risk for Mortality Seen for Persons With Autism, ADHD

Risk for deaths from natural causes, unnatural causes significantly increased for persons with autism spectrum disorder

PCPs Not Routinely Recommending Early Behavioral Treatment for ADHD

Only 11 percent of preschoolers with ADHD diagnosis or symptoms received referrals for parent training in behavior management

Substance Use Disorder Prevalent for Young Adults With ADHD

Odds increased for developing alcohol use disorders, cannabis use disorders, other drug use disorders

Most Children Experience Fluctuations in ADHD Symptoms

While nearly one in three will experience points of remission of ADHD symptoms, most experience recurrence over time and few outgrow it

Drug May Curb ‘Sluggish’ Thinking in Some Adults With ADHD

Lisdexamfetamine found to reduce symptoms of sluggish cognitive tempo in small group of adults with ADHD

Links Explored for ADHD Meds, Externalizing Symptoms, Child Suicidality

ADHD medications may moderate the association between externalizing symptoms and risk for suicidality in children