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Physicians Rank the Best EHR Systems of 2014

EHRs ranked in five performance areas, including quality of care, patient portal, technical support

THURSDAY, Jan. 22, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Physicians have ranked electronic health record (EHR) systems based on five key performance areas, according to a report published in Medical Economics.

Physicians were asked to rate their EHR systems on a scale of 1 to 10 in key areas that matter to them: quality of care, meaningful use, patient portal, technical support, and clinical decision support. Data were collected from an online survey conducted from June 10 to 27, 2014. Most of the study’s results were based upon 5,790 employed respondents who indicated their practice had an ambulatory EHR system.

According to the article, the top-ranking EHR systems for quality of care were SOAPware, MEDENT and Healthfusion. The percentage meeting meaningful use was 87 percent for Epic, Allscripts (All systems), and Nextech, and 85 percent for GE. The highest-scoring EHR systems for patient portal usability were MEDENT, Epic, and athenahealth. In terms of technical support, MEDENT was the highest-performing EHR system, followed by Amazing Charts, SOAPware, and Modernizing Medicine. For clinical support, MEDENT, Amazing Charts, and Healthfusion were the top systems, followed by athenahealth and Modernizing Medicine.

“The performance of an electronic health record system can mean the difference between a thriving practice and a struggling one,” according to the article.

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