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Women formerly addicted to stimulant drugs

Stimulant Addiction May Affect Brains Differently by Gender

It's not clear why past drug dependence is linked to less gray matter in female brains, researchers say
Men whose jobs involve continual exposure to the formaldehyde in embalming fluid are three times more likely to develop amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Formaldehyde Exposure Linked to Increased Risk of ALS in Men

Previous animal research has shown link between chemical and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Abnormal results on noninvasive prenatal genetic tests may indicate maternal cancers rather than a medical issue with the fetus

Prenatal Genetic Tests Can Identify Maternal Cancers

Abnormal findings on early test don't always indicate birth defects, researchers say
Colectomy may extend the lives of older adults with ulcerative colitis

Colectomy May Beat Medical Therapy for Ulcerative Colitis

Patients 50 and up with advanced disease benefit the most
While many experts have called for a ban on "heading" the ball in youth soccer because they believe it is a leading cause of concussions

Body Contact of Players Blamed for Most Soccer Concussions

Limiting aggressive contact would be more effective than just banning 'heading' of ball, researcher says
Mistaking toxic mushrooms for edible ones is common and sometimes deadly

Caution: Increasing Trend of Foraging for Mushrooms

Wrong choices can lead to liver failure, death, researchers warn
About 15 percent of children who have a severe allergic reaction can have a second one within a few hours

Second Severe Allergic Reaction Within Hours Isn’t Uncommon

Researchers find about one in seven children have repeat episode
Drinking alcohol appears to negatively affect driving skills to a greater extent than smoking cannabis

Alcohol Use Appears to Impair Driving More Than Cannabis Use

And combination of the two increases risks but effect isn't doubled
Most U.S. plastic surgeons use fat grafting to enhance the effects of facelifts

Fat Grafting Widely Used During Facelift Surgery

Survey results from random sample of members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
The estimated facility cost for low-risk childbirths varies among hospitals by nearly $10

Facility Costs of Hospital Birth Vary by Nearly $10K Across U.S.

Evaluation of hospital practices may offer opportunities for cost reduction