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The latest Ebola outbreak in Congo is not yet severe enough to be declared a global emergency

WHO: Congo Ebola Outbreak Not a Global Emergency

There have been 181 confirmed cases, including 104 deaths, so far in the outbreak
The United States will have the largest drop in life expectancy rankings of all high-income countries by 2040

Sharp Drop in U.S. Life Expectancy Rankings by 2040

U.S. expected to fall from 43rd in 2016 to 64th by 2040, with an average life expectancy of 79.8
Patients with diabetes have increased mortality due to suicide

Mortality Due to Suicide, Alcohol, Accidents Up in Diabetes

Patients with diabetes have higher mortality in nearly all end points, especially for insulin-treated
Implementation of a school-based human papillomavirus vaccination program in Canada did not lead to an increase in sexual risk-taking behaviors among adolescent girls

HPV Vaccination Not Tied to Risky Sexual Behavior in Teen Girls

Finding among adolescent girls before, after school-based vaccination program
A novel prognostic tool can be used to accurately identify adolescents at risk for initiating cigarette smoking

Model Identifies Adolescents at Risk for Smoking Initiation

Tool has 12 variables, such as age, worry- or stress-related items, alcohol- or tobacco-related items
Clostridium difficile spores are able to survive laundering through a commercial washer extractor

Clostridium difficile Spores Survive Laundering of Sheets

Spores on bed sheets able to survive laundering through a commercial washer extractor
Caffeine intake from coffee is inversely associated with the risk for incident rosacea

Consuming Caffeine From Coffee Reduces Incident Rosacea

Significant inverse association for caffeinated coffee consumption; no link for decaffeinated coffee
Integration of plasma next-generation sequencing into the routine management of metastatic non-small cell lung cancer results in an increase in the detection of therapeutically targetable mutations

Plasma-Based Genotyping Aids Targeted Tx of Metastatic NSCLC

Most patients who received targeted therapy based on plasma result achieved clinical response
Undergraduate nursing students who had a higher number of adverse childhood experiences before enrollment have higher levels of burnout and depression during school

Adverse Childhood Experiences Tied to Burnout in BSN Students

Nursing students, particularly women, with higher number of ACEs have more burnout, depression
Interoperability of health care information technology must be improved to facilitate creation of a fully integrated health care system that can improve health and health care at lower cost

Procurement Requirements Drive Interoperability in Health Care IT

Steps outlined for health systems to establish comprehensive, ongoing procurement strategies