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Patients served by the beleaguered Veterans Affairs health system may have wider access to private care

Congress Approves Bill Expanding Private Care for VA Patients

New bill would open up access to private doctors for veterans
Parents are advised to choose the injectable flu vaccine for the 2018 to 2019 season

AAP Recommending Injectable Flu Shot for 2018-19 Flu Season

Children should receive injectable vaccine, which has been shown to be more consistently effective
A hyperactive and asymmetric velocity-storage mechanism may be responsible for intermittent attacks of vertigo in some patients with recurrent spontaneous vertigo of unknown etiology

Neurologists Identify New Type of Vertigo

Long-term prognosis favorable, with improvement of symptoms in more than half of patients
An ingestible micro-bio-electronic device could be used for in situ biomolecular detection based on environmentally resilient biosensor bacteria and luminescence readout electronics

Ingestible Bio-Electronic Device Could Monitor GI Health

Heme-sensitive probiotic biosensors demonstrate accurate diagnosis of GI bleeding in swine model
Further research is needed on the use of platelet-rich therapy for facial aesthetics and alopecia

Research Lacking on Platelet-Rich Tx for Facial Aesthetics, Alopecia

Procedure limited by the lack of standardized preparation, application methods
For non-Hispanic whites

Rising Fatal Drug Overdoses Linked to Years of Life Lost

Growth in fatal overdoses linked to increased mortality, years of life lost for non-Hispanic whites
South Asians in the United States have increased proportional mortality rates from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

Atherosclerotic CVD Mortality Higher in South Asians in the U.S.

Most of the increased risk can be attributed to increased prevalence of known risk factors
There is considerable global variation in personal health care access and quality

Global Variation in Personal Health Care Access and Quality

Highest performance in Iceland, lowest in Central African Republic, with variation in rate of progress
Financial incentives added to free cessation aids can improve the rate of sustained abstinence among smokers

Financial Incentives May Up Rates of Smoker Abstinence

Redeemable deposits, rewards superior to free cessation aids with respect to sustained abstinence
For children with X-linked hypophosphatemia

Burosumab May Benefit Children With X-Linked Hypophosphatemia

Decrease in mean Thacher rickets severity total score from dosing every two weeks or every four weeks