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Labiaplasty Considered Safe, With High Patient Satisfaction

However, current practices remain greatly diverse

TUESDAY, March 10, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Labiaplasty is safe, with high satisfaction, although current practices are diverse, according to a review published in the March issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Saba Motakef, M.D., from the Loma Linda University in California, and colleagues conducted a systematic review to summarize current labiaplasty techniques and practices for protrusion of the labia minora. Data were included from 19 articles, which described labiaplasty of the labia minora in 1,949 patients.

The researchers found that seven surgical techniques were used for labiaplasty. For each technique, patient satisfaction varied from 94 to 100 percent. For all techniques, the most common postoperative complication was wound dehiscence (4.7 percent).

“Labiaplasty is safe and carries a high satisfaction rate. However, current practices remain exceedingly diverse,” Motakef and colleagues write. “Further randomized studies using a standardized classification system are required to better compare different techniques and establish best practices.”

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