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Physicians facing death are less likely to demand aggressive care

Physicians Choose Less Aggressive Care at End of Life

Doctors less likely to die in a hospital, have surgery, and to be admitted to the ICU
Foreign-born students in the United States have a higher case rate of tuberculosis than other foreign-born individuals

Foreign-Born Students in U.S. Have Higher Case Rate of TB

Students identified by screening more likely to be diagnosed within six months of arrival in U.S.
A report published online Jan. 13 in the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Emerging Infectious Diseases highlights a 2013 pertussis outbreak among mainly vaccinated preschool-aged children.

Pertussis Outbreak Described in Preschool in Tallahassee

Within preschool, only five children had not received complete series of vaccinations
Despite advances in medical technology

Stethoscope Still Valuable Despite Technological Advances

Despite increase in point-of-care ultrasound training, high risk of misdiagnosis for inexperienced
Patient satisfaction scores are influenced by the design and implementation of patient surveys

Design of Physician Satisfaction Surveys Affects Results

Author makes recommendations for improving the accuracy and utility of scores
Greater transparency is being promoted in clinical research

Greater Transparency Being Promoted in Research

Move toward greater transparency has extended beyond medication products to other interventions
For patients with tuberculous meningitis

Intensified Tx Doesn’t Up Survival in Tuberculous Meningitis

No significant difference for survival, secondary outcomes for standard, intensified treatment
E-cigarette use actually lowers smokers' chances that they'll quit tobacco by about 28 percent

Electronic Cigarettes May Hinder Smoking Cessation Efforts

Devices lower chances of quitting by 28 percent, researchers say
U.S. patients whose health insurance plans have high deductibles undergo fewer diagnostic imaging tests

Diagnostic Imaging Down With High Deductible Health Plans

Patients may not be equipped to discern which tests are medically necessary
A physician's body language may reveal racial bias against seriously ill black patients

Nonverbal Cues May Reveal a Physician’s Racial Bias

Doctors need to be aware of any unintentional biases they may be communicating