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Too few members of certain minority groups are pursuing careers in U.S. medicine

Too Few Blacks, Hispanics Pursuing Careers As Physicians

Shortage of minority physicians may affect U.S. patient care, experts say
Practices can employ patient and family advisors in order to help them focus on patient-centered care needs

Patient, Family Advisors Can Play Key Role in Practices

Advisors can help practices focus on patient-centered care, rather than assumptions about patient needs
Strategies can be adopted for improving physician resilience and the ability to handle the challenges presented by patient care

Report Highlights Ways to Improve Physician Resilience

Recommendations include keeping a gratitude journal, enlisting peer support, learning new things
Prior advance care planning cuts surrogates' decision-making burden

Advance Care Planning Cuts Burden of Decision Making

Prior advance care planning reduces decisional conflict of surrogates for critically ill patients
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has found no net benefit for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease screening in asymptomatic adults and consequently recommends against screening. These findings form the basis of a draft recommendation statement published online Aug. 17 by the USPSTF.

USPSTF Draft Recommendation Urges Against COPD Screening

Grade D statement recommends against routine screening for asymptomatic adults
Patients at greatest risk for an unplanned hospital readmission include those with chronic cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases

Risk Factors Can ID Patients More Likely to Be Readmitted

Friday discharge, existing chronic diseases, high number of ER visits are predictors
Phototherapy of exposed lungs increases the carbon monoxide (CO) elimination rate in CO-poisoned mice

Phototherapy Increases Carbon Monoxide Elimination in Mice

Limited blood COHb increase and improved survival during severe CO poisoning with phototherapy
For patients undergoing lung transplantation

Prophylactic Azithromycin Benefit Lasts After Lung Transplant

Reduced chronic lung allograft dysfunction for patients receiving prophylactic azithromycin
Though antibiotic prescribing for acute respiratory infections (ARIs) varies greatly among providers

Antibiotics Often Prescribed for Veterans With ARIs

Substantial variation in antibiotic prescribing habits among individual providers at the VA
Exposure to rudeness has adverse consequences on the diagnostic and procedural performance of neonatal intensive care unit team members

Exposure to Rude Behavior Harms NICU Team Performance

Information-sharing and help-seeking can mediate effect of rudeness