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Surgery and more conservative treatments provide similar long-term outcomes for people with spinal stenosis

Meds/PT May Work As Well As Surgery for Spinal Stenosis

More conservative treatments work just as well after eight years of follow-up
Researchers have reviewed recent scientific literature and concluded that a number of classes of drugs are effective for treating acute migraine. The study

AHS: Research Informs New Migraine Rx Guidelines

Opioids not recommended for regular use
A study of adults aged 71 to 80 indicates that daily consumption of 2

A Dash More Salt Than 1,500 mg Seems to Lower Mortality Risk

Trend toward higher death in study participants who had high salt intake
Having a drink each day might help lower a middle-aged person's odds for heart failure

A Drink a Day May Keep Heart Failure at Bay

Highest risk seen for those who used to drink, but had stopped
Women who harbor the bacteria Helicobacter pylori may be less likely to develop multiple sclerosis

H. Pylori Tied to Lower Risk of Multiple Sclerosis in Women

Research suggests infection with H. pylori may be somewhat protective
For 8- to 11-year-olds

Bullying Linked to Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Children

Vancouver Symptom Score linked to bullying victimization and perpetrator scores
Only about a quarter of Medicare beneficiaries fill a high-intensity statin prescription after discharge from hospitalization for a coronary heart disease event

Few Patients Fill High-Intensity Statin Rx After CHD Discharge

Twenty-seven percent of Medicare beneficiaries fill prescription for high-intensity statin
Many physicians report encountering barriers when referring cancer patients to specialty care

Physicians Hit Barriers in Making Cancer Referrals

Sixty percent of physicians report encountering any barrier to cancer specialty referrals
Patient satisfaction is high for shared medical appointments for preoperative consultation regarding Mohs micrographic surgery

Patients Satisfied With Shared Appointments Before Mohs Sx

High patient satisfaction for preoperative consultation for Mohs micrographic surgery
The adverse reproductive effects of 1

Vitamin B-12, Folate Mitigate Reproductive Effects of DDT

In women with vitamin B-12 deficiency, high DDT linked to lower incidence of clinical pregnancy