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Since 2012

CDC: Prevalence of Diabetes Has Plateaued Since 2012 for Seniors

Prevalence increased from 23.3 percent in 2001 to high of 32.2 percent in 2012, then plateaued
Patients receiving checkpoint inhibitor therapy often have acute kidney injury

Acute Kidney Injury Often Seen With Checkpoint Inhibitor Use

8 percent of patients receiving checkpoint inhibitor therapy experienced sustained acute kidney injury
Early infectious diseases consultation is associated with a reduction in in-hospital mortality for patients receiving a severe sepsis and septic shock treatment bundle

Early Infectious Diseases Consult May Lower Sepsis Mortality

In-hospital mortality reduced among patients receiving severe sepsis, septic shock treatment bundle
The number of Americans stricken with a severe

Close to 1,900 Cases of Vaping-Linked Lung Illness Reported, CDC Says

The related death toll has also risen by three during the past week, to 37 fatalities
Nearly 1 million tainted nicotine pods were knowingly distributed by electronic cigarette maker Juul Labs

Juul Shipped Tainted Products, Lawsuit Alleges

Lawsuit filed Tuesday also alleges Juul did not list expiration dates on its products
Joint recesses with bone erosion are more likely to exhibit greater severity of joint inflammation on ultrasound examination

Common Sites of Bone Erosion in Rheumatoid Arthritis ID’d on US

Five sites most often showing bone erosion were wrist joint, big toe, thumb, index finger, middle finger
Implementation of calorie labeling in a large franchise of fast food restaurants was associated with a small decrease in mean calories per transaction

Small Drop in Calories Purchased With Labeling in Restaurants

Calories per transaction decreased slightly, but reduction decreased in year after implementation
For individuals with obesity

Bariatric Surgery Linked to Reduced Risk for Skin Cancer

For individuals with obesity, risk for skin cancer and melanoma significantly reduced with bariatric surgery
For older patients with ductal carcinoma in situ who undergo breast-conserving surgery

No Benefit Seen for SLNB in BCS for DCIS in Older Women

Long-term outcomes similar with, without sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast-conserving surgery
Childhood cognitive ability is associated with cognitive scores

Cognitive Ability in Childhood Linked to Cognitive Scores at 70

Childhood cognitive ability, education, socioeconomic position independently linked to cognition