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Urinary 8-oxoGsn Promising Biomarker for Physiologic Age

In both genders, age-dependent increases in levels of 8-oxodGsn and 8-oxoGsn from age 21-30 to 81-90
Ad lib oral intake during labor does not increase maternal or neonatal adverse outcomes compared with allowing women nothing by mouth during labor

Oral Intake During Labor Shows No Increase in Adverse Outcomes

Group permitted nothing by mouth were significantly more likely to undergo unplanned c-section
For patients with gluten neuropathy

AAN: Gluten-Free Diet May Help Cut Pain in Gluten Neuropathy

Reduced odds of peripheral neuropathic pain for patients following strict gluten-free diet
Most patients report having little to no knowledge about breast radiotherapy

Patients’ Breast Radiotherapy Experiences Beat Expectations

Most patients agree that others would be less scared about treatment if they knew the truth about RT
For adults in Taiwan

Lifetime Risk for Atrial Fibrillation Is One in Seven in Taiwan

Among Asian patients, a-fib linked to increased risk of mortality, heart failure, ischemic stroke, dementia

Prevalence of Smoking While Pregnant 7.2 Percent in 2016

Prevalence highest for women aged 20 to 24 years
Balanced crystalloids offer some benefits versus saline in critically ill and noncritically ill adults

Balanced Crystalloids Cut Kidney Events in Critically Ill

For noncritically ill patients, no difference in number of hospital-free days for crystalloids versus saline
Sleeve gastrectomy is associated with an improvement in glycemia

Sleeve Gastrectomy Linked to Improved Glycemia in Mice

Sleeve gastrectomy causes improvement in muscle and hepatic insulin sensitivity
There is a correlation for increased risk of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis with increased occupational exposures to diesel exhaust

AAN: Occupational Exposure to Diesel Exhaust Tied to ALS Risk

Increased odds of ALS for men in the highest quartile of exposure for five- and 10-year lag periods
Subthreshold phototherapy during birth hospitalization is associated with reduced readmission for phototherapy

Subthreshold Phototherapy After Birth Cuts Later Phototherapy

Tx at birth hospitalization can prevent readmission for phototherapy, but tied to unneeded treatment