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Donor rim cultures are more likely to have detectable Candida growth in endothelial keratoplasty-processed eyes than for other uses

Eyebank Corneal Tissue Prep May Increase Infection Risk

Candida growth in donor rim cultures more common in endothelial keratoplasty-processed eyes

Military-Related Trauma Tied to Eating Disorder Symptoms

Observed in male veterans, the association is apparently unrelated to combat
Nursing home use increases with increasing cognitive impairment category

Nursing Home Use Up With Cognitive Impairment Category

One-year mortality especially high for those with prevalent dementia and any nursing home use
Embezzlement is widespread among medical practices

Embezzlement Widespread in Medical Practices

Red flags include employee being secretive about their work, working late, not wanting to share tasks
Rates of major upper abdominal cancer resections in octogenarians are increasing

Upper Abdominal Cancer Resections Up in Octogenarians

Increase in resection rates driven by trends in hepatic and pancreatic resections
A single mutation in the Zika virus made it more virulent

Single Mutation Made Zika Virus More Virulent

This viral polyprotein mutation increases microcephaly, mortality in mouse models
Immune-related adverse events

Checkpoint Inhibitors No Less Safe With Radiation

Combination does not increase immune-related adverse events in metastatic lung cancer patients
The prognostic value of pathologic nodal stratification depends on the thoroughness of nodal examination in the staging of non-small-cell lung cancer

Accurate Lung Cancer Staging Depends on Quality Nodal Exam

Difference in exam thoroughness may account for large regional differences in survival
Dietary supplementation does not lead to measurable increases in macular pigment optical density

Supplements Don’t Measurably Increase Macular Pigment Density

In offspring of macular degeneration patients, lutein plus zeaxanthin does not lead to density change
Among physicians posting top plastic surgery-related content to Instagram

Certified Plastic Surgeons Underrepresented on Instagram

Most posts associated with 21 plastic surgery-related hashtags on Instagram are self-promotional