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Bridge Therapy Between Induction, ASCT May Slow Neuroblastoma

Three-year event-free survival significantly improved for patients with end-induction stable metastatic disease receiving bridge therapy

AACR: Resistance Mechanisms to CAR-T Cell Therapy ID’d in ALL

Mechanisms of resistance detectable prior to treatment and include hypermethylation of PCR2 targets in embryonic and cancer stem cells

AAD: Skin Videomicroscopy Biomarker May Help Predict Cancer Relapse

Assessment of leukocytes adherent to and rolling along vessel wall may help predict outcomes after HCT for hematologic cancer

Frailty Mars Outcomes After aHSCT in Lymphoid Malignancies

Links found for frailty with in-hospital mortality, prolonged length of stay for patients with NHL, HL, MM undergoing aHSCT

Survival Increase Seen for Adults With Relapsed Ph+ ALL

From 2000 to 2019, overall survival progressively improved for patients with Philadelphia-positive ALL who had posttransplant relapse

FDA Approves Livtencity for Posttransplant Cytomegalovirus

Livtencity is indicated for posttransplant CMV that does not respond to available antiviral treatments

ASH Issues Guideline on the Use of HSCT for Sickle Cell Disease

The use of HSCT for sickle cell disease is evolving, and no randomized controlled trials were identified in the evidence review for this guideline

Ruxolitinib Best for Glucocorticoid-Refractory, -Dependent GVHD

Overall response, failure-free survival, symptom response significantly greater with ruxolitinib versus control therapy

Stem Cell Transplant Reviewed for Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma

Three- and five-year overall survival similar with allogeneic or autologous HSCT, but transplant-related mortality higher with allogeneic HSCT

Gene Therapy Promising for SCID Due to ADA Deficiency

High overall, event-free survival seen at 24 and 36 months for severe combined immunodeficiency due to ADA deficiency