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Reset Room Can Help Address Physician Burnout

Reset room is one of three steps Hennepin County Medical Center has introduced to address burnout

MONDAY, June 20, 2016 (HealthDay News) — The creation of a reset room is one of several solutions that can help physicians and medical providers address burnout, according to a report published by the American Medical Association.

The Hennepin County Medical Center has developed burnout solutions to help physicians and other providers. A wellness committee was created in 2013 and comprises volunteers from each department who work with organizational leaders.

According to the report, the Medical Center has addressed burnout in three ways. The reset room is a place for physicians and medical providers to go to recover after traumatic events. Few resources were needed to create the room, which has LED lights, flameless candles, a sound machine, comfortable chairs, plants, and an in-use sign for the door. In addition, scheduled changes, such as rearranging the last slot of the day as a routine care case, have helped physician parents leave on time to improve the work-life balance. Environmental changes have also been employed to help boost satisfaction.

“The more welcoming environment and greater sense of community may have helped boost satisfaction among members of the department,” according to the report. “Satisfaction in the department increased from 65 percent in the 2013 survey to 83 percent in 2014, while burnout decreased from 39 to 17 percent over the same time period.”

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